Tech Editing


Even a tested pattern can have typos or need assistance to be in a correct format. Using the designer’s style sheet, I double check abbreviations and style for consistency. If a designer doesn’t have a style sheet, I can either use the standard version on Yarn Standards site, or help the designer create one (additional time budgeted for that). I also check for typographical errors and the math for stitch counts, repeats, etc.


If you are interested in my tech editing services, please use the contact form here to make contact. To give you an idea of what will be necessary and the timeline, the steps are outlined below:

  • Designer sends pattern in .doc or .odt format. Style sheet is also sent at this time if it is different from Yarn Standards version.
  • I look over the pattern and provide an estimate.
  • Once estimate is approved, work will begin (if it looks like time may go over, I will stop and alert the designer).
  • All work is done using “record changes” and notes in the margin of the document. Edited document is saved with “TBEdit” added on the end of file name.
  • Once work is completed, pattern and invoice is sent to the designer.
  • Payment is expected within 30 days via PayPal.


Other professional services are also available. For a complete listing of services and fees, go to Services available.

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