Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I had a very busy Saturday which caused a very lazy Sunday. I did crochet some over the weekend. I worked on my sock Friday night and finished it, started the second sock and then worked on it on the way to John’s dad’s house. I didn’t crochet there simply because it was too hot and I was watching Midnight most of the time. On the ride home I was still too hot to work on anything.

Sunday I didn’t feel like working on the sock and instead grabbed the big ball of blue cotton I picked up a while ago. I started another dishtowel using my pattern for the Totally Utilitarian Dishtowel. I’m about half way through with it.

Today I’ve been working on the design that got rejected. I’m reworking it, have already retyped the proposal, and will have it back out the door by next week. I also went out and picked up a calendar/planner to keep track of all that’s going on. So I’m feeling more organized already. I also got the graphics finished for the Ave Maria skirt. The only thing I’m waiting on now is finishing up pictures.

Tomorrow I’ll work more on the design that’s being submitted. I also need to follow up on 2 possible students. And then I need to finish up the Ave Maria pattern.

I’m thinking about possibly doing a trunk show of sorts. I have a lot of things that I’ve made that I never wear or use. One of the troubles of being a process crocheter. I also have my prototypes of some of the designs. I don’t know, I haven’t fully thought this through yet. I would need to find a place to have it (not our house), find a way to advertise it, and then hope people show up. Like I said, it’s still in preliminary thought stage. I do not want to do this online. I just don’t. I would rather sell over a weekend here locally. I’m open to suggestions, ideas, interest, etc.

Okay, time to play with some more yarn. Have a good night everyone!