Ravelympics Day One report

Yes, I know this is being reported on Day 2, but it was late last night and I had already shut down the computer when I stopped.

Anyway, at the end of yesterday I was at row 73 of 88 on the skirt part of the sweater. This is the longest part and at the point I finish the skirt I will count myself as halfway done.

Things went well until the evening. I had my laptop on my lap and was chatting with Dani and Margarita and that required the use of my hands. So I didn’t get a lot done. But it also warmed up my lap so when I shut down the computer and got back to work, the challenge I selected set in.

Moda Dea Tweedle Dee is a wool blend chunky yarn. Wool blend. I live in Florida. It is usually 75-78 degrees in the mornings and evenings. It runs up to the 90s with insane humidity throughout the day. We’re in our rainy season so it is always humid. They were giving the weather reports for Beijing and we just laughed because that’s our weather. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I do feel like I’m truly competing.

Anyway, I had to put the skirt of the sweater on the sofa next to me because it was too hot in my lap. This may prove to be an issue as the sweater gets closer to completion. I will have to figure out a way to work on this without it being in my lap. John offered the tray he uses as his laptop desk. And I may take him up on that.

So here is the status picture taken this morning when I got up and had better light.

That shows the skirt folded over so I could get it all in the shot. The sweater is a high waist with an A-line skirt to it. This is the skirt.

Tonight or tomorrow I’ll post my Day Two report. Right now, though, it’s looking good. I just finished the skirt portion. Now I’m off to have lunch with my mom, my sister and possibly also my niece. Then I’ll return and get back to work. I’m not in the frame of mind just before leaving to try to evenly space 96 slip stitches along the edge. So I’ll tackle that when I return.


Yes, I took today off. I thought about it last night and decided that I would get up this morning, send off the two work emails I needed to send off, and then take today off guilt free.

And I’m glad I did because I got feedback from my contact at the yarn company and she gave me really good input on the project. So now I know exactly where I’m going with that and starting Monday I’ll crank it out.

I started Ravelympics here at 8am (corresponding with the start of opening ceremonies in China…regardless of how NBC is going to broadcast it) and am almost halfway through with the bottom skirt part of the sweater I’m making. It’s going pretty well. Well, it’s going pretty well after I recovered from ripping out 4 rows because I apparently can’t count to 45 on a regular basis.

It stormed here for a while so I had shut down the computer and got quite a bit done. Now I’m just checking email, updating my calendar, and checking the Ravelympic board for updates.

Oh, and I have a second student scheduled for 8/21 while I’m down there. It’ll be another back to back with lessons, but it makes the trip worth it for me. Otherwise I’m really just making gas money to get there and back.

I also have new books to review, but that may happen later this weekend. I joined Crafter’s Choice and scored some excellent resource books for myself. I’m really psyched about them. But…right now I have a sweater calling me back and I need to go work on that. My goal is to get the skirt part (the biggest part of this thing) done tonight. I might, maybe, might be able to get this thing done this weekend. Or at least mostly done. Which would be AWESOME.

Okay, off to go crochet. Have a good weekend, y’all!

Tired, but nearly done

SSP#2 is very close to finishing stages. I have been working very hard, very late at night, and even over the weekend. I just finished working for today. Normally I wouldn’t do this. But, I really want to get this put to bed as soon as possible.

Tomorrow will be very busy with 2 lessons down at the shop and travel time so I don’t know how much I will get done. Hopefully I can knock out a bit more in the morning before I leave. However, I still need to get together my stuff for teaching (I need to print out a new student handout) and I still need to finish putting together an email submission.

Wednesday will be an all day process on SSP#2. Hopefully that will knock the last of it out. Or at least to the point that I want to be at by the end of this week. Yarn should arrive by Wednesday from the yarn company and I will need to get started on that project as well. Which is why I’ve been working so hard on SSP#2.

Thursday is another lesson day, but only one so I should still have at least half a day to work here at the house.

At this point, I’m still planning on taking Friday off. In fact, I’m going to take the whole weekend off from work crochet. I want to get a good start on my Ravelympic entry. I’m hoping by having 3 days to work on it I can get a good bit done. Then I will be balancing it with finishing up SSP#2 (edgings and such) and working on the yarn company project.

Right now, though, I’m tired and I’m going to rest a bit before bedtime. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Manic Monday

Today has been a busy day. I worked over the weekend making some of the smaller bits of SSP#2 to help give myself a head start today. It worked. I am now officially 25% done with this project. That makes me happy. I’ve also steam blocked all the pieces that are done (again, LOVE my steamer….I pin the pieces to a blocking board that has a handle, hang that board on the pegs for the steamer nozzle, and steam away).

I laid some of it out on the floor (on a sheet) and I am really pleased with how it’s turning out. I did some math on the layout and will need to email the editor tomorrow morning to give her the new info. I’m waiting to see if I’m going to need to ask for more yarn or not first. I’ll know tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I got a call today that my student needed to reschedule to next week. So in a way that’s good. It gives me another full day tomorrow to work.

My goal right now is to get all the pieces done by next Friday morning. If I match that goal, then I will take the next 17 days off to focus on the Ravelympics and my entry for it (a sweater…the goal is to start it at opening ceremonies and get it completely finished by closing ceremonies). If I don’t finish all the pieces, then I will only be able to work on the sweater after work times. I should be able to do it. That will leave me time to join it (which I’ll likely work on during the Ravelympics to give me something else to do) and update the pattern. That will still get it done in time to mail it off with plenty of time to spare! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, I have learned quite a few things from the last one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And speaking of that…..STILL NO MAGAZINE! It’s driving me nuts. Tomorrow is when it hits the newsstands and it’s still not here to me. ๐Ÿ™ I’m hoping it’ll get to me tomorrow.

Not much else to post about so I’ll close for today. Tomorrow is another busy day.

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