New Design: Red Rocks Wrap

I have been very anxious to tell you about this design. It is one of my most favorite designs (currently) because it came out so well and I was able to do something I’d never done before.

Let’s start with the details:

Image copyright Interweave 2010

Red Rocks Wrap (Ravelry link) in Interweave Crochet Winter 2010.

The yarn is Zitron Noblesse and was incredibly awesome to work with. It’s a merino and silk blend and the tonal qualities of the yarn really made this project sing. I adored working with this yarn and probably will do my best to get my hands on some more. Mmmm.

This is a Tunisian project. But, here’s the thing. Even if you’ve never done Tunisian before, I promise you that you can make this. How can I do that? Because this was my first ever Tunisian project. More on that later.

The wrap is designed to cover your back, shoulders, and front, leaving your arms free. It buttons on the side after crossing in the front so it will stay put while you work or relax. Here’s a view of the front:

Copyright Interweave 2010

This wrap is done with no seaming (I really hate having to sew things together), and uses an 8.0mm Tunisian hook for the bulk of the crocheting, and then an 8.0mm (L) crochet hook for the edging. Six one inch buttons finish off the wrap beautifully. I used wooden buttons that had this neat square cut out in the middle that matched the way the Tunisian simple stitches looked.

The Tunisian simple stitch gives it a waffle effect that makes it very lightweight, but very warm at the same time. It’s perfect if you’re like me and want to stay warm by keeping your core warm. Because it buttons closed, you’re not fussing with shawl pins or clips and can keep working.

Okay, so why I’m so proud of this…

1. I have been trying to do this design for easily two years. I saw a photo in a catalog of a wrap similar to this, but done in very detailed cables (which was my original plan, but I was having trouble making it work). The photo didn’t show the back, so I was having a hard time figuring out how to make it work. Oh, and since the item was $80, I was not about to buy it just to figure it out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. This is also my first adult garment I did sizing on (the Granny Square Shrug I did last year was motif based and I kinda cheated by using different hook sizes to adjust the sizing).

3. Hello, it’s in Interweave Crochet! Yes, I had the Victoria’s Choker Necklace in their Accessories issue. But this is in the regular cycle of the magazine and is a much larger piece. And yes, getting into Interweave was on my goal list.

4. It turned out better than I saw in my head. Now, I’m very lucky that this often happens for me. I can see a design in my head, make it out of yarn (or thread) and am often surprised that it not only comes out like I saw, but sometimes even better. This, though, this blew me away.

5. It photographed way better than I thought. Unfortunately, when I finished the sample, I had no way to try it on a live human. My mannequin was too small (and doesn’t have shoulders or arms which are needed for this) and my niece was a bit too big for it. So I sent it off with a plea to the Universe that it be right. I was very anxiously waiting for the photos to show up so I could see how it worked out. I was blown away by it. Seriously.

6. This was my first ever Tunisian project. I’d dabbled with it in swatches to learn the technique, but this was the first real project I’d ever done. That’s a bit daunting (and probably kinda stupid), but it’s proof that even with no Tunisian experience, you can make this.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy this design and maybe even make one for yourself or as a gift. I’m probably going to remake it for myself since it was really easy (and a great TV watching project once you get the hang of the Tunisian simple stitch).

It’s hard to blog when nothing can be shown or talked about!


I’m still here! Y’all remember me? LOL

I’ve been crocheting away the last few days but I can’t show you any of it! I’m making great progress on SSP#4. Hopefully it will be done and out the door by the end of this week.

The other things I’m working on? Holiday gifts. And I can’t show those, either. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did complete Holiday Socks #1 on Friday. I finished the first sock of Holiday Socks #2 yesterday and am about halfway through the foot of the second sock. That still leaves 2 more pairs to make. But, I’m feeling like I’m in a good place and can get the bulk of the gifts done in time. I say that because I know I won’t get John’s gift done in time. He already said to do his last so I can get the other ones done for Christmas morning. Good guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Another way he’s a good guy? He called me Friday from the mall near the airport. He was at the bookstore and wanted to know what crochet magazines I needed. I had already picked up the new Crochet Today (at my grocery store!) and I get Crochet! through subscription. Interweave Crochet isn’t out yet (although it looks REALLY COOL this month). So that left Crochet World. So he found one and brought it home to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay!

I did get a new book yesterday. It’s Rowan’s Crochet Workshop. Good book if you teach or you know a beginner who could use clear pictures. I’m likely loaning mine to my friend Mare since she’s a new crocheter. I also got a neat messenger bag at the same time (I buy my books through Crafter’s Choice). I’m going to make a CLF patch (pattern is in the CLF First Ever Book) and sew it on there. ๐Ÿ™‚ The bag is olive drab green so it should work out.

Okay, I need to get back to sock making or I won’t make my deadlines. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Lots of yarn

Yesterday I was out and about all day and when I got home I had a package of yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was the yarn for the hat and scarf I’ve been commissioned to make for my friend Andrea. A little bit later, UPS knocked and there was a huge box for the next publication project(s).

Can I just say that I love the fact that yarn shows up at my door? I know I ordered the yarn for the hat and scarf set, but the other boxes that just show up without me having to pay? Those are the best!!!

I have two new crochet mags sitting next to me. We picked up Crochet Today on Sunday (there are a few things I may try to find time to make) and snagged Interweave Crochet yesterday (QUITE a few things in there I’m in love with). I need to go ahead and just subscribe so I can quit chasing them down every month.

Okay, slow starting this morning. I’ve now got my coffee on board and am about to get started. Hoping to finish the yarn company’s project today. We’ll see. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good day, everyone!

Oh, also….a very happy birthday to my dear friend, Kerry! Here’s wishing you lots of yarn and love for the day!

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