Just a quick FYI

Just to let everyone know…I’m no longer teaching down at the shop. The main reason? I just don’t have the time. With the work for the yarn company I don’t even have time to work on projects for me, let alone travel 35+ miles one way to go teach. So I bowed out yesterday.

I will still offer private lessons since I can work those in the evenings around my work day. So if you still want to learn to crochet, you can go to my website to contact me and see my calendar.

Okay, that’s all…I need to get to work. Have a great day, everyone!

A lot done for a half day

First off, thanks to my wonderful webmaster, the site is back up! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay! Thanks, babe!

This morning I followed up on two potential students through email. Not sure when I’ll find time to fit them in, but hopefully our schedules will mesh.

The yarn for the two projects that I need to work on hasn’t arrived yet, so this morning I did the math (ew) for the publication project. I also did a much larger swatch in a similar yarn and I think I’ve got a good game plan for when the yarn does arrive. So I’m feeling pretty good. I am prepped and ready to go with both projects as soon as the yarn gets here. Yay me!

So, because I am all caught up, I’m going to take the rest of the afternoon off. Tomorrow I will be at Dani’s for a girls day. Hopefully yarn comes tonight so I can work while I’m there. If not, well, then I don’t know what I’ll work on. :-/ I’ll likely just be taking a long holiday weekend.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!

One down one to go

As soon as I finish my coffee I’ll be heading to the post office to send off the yarn company project. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay! It turned out quite well and I’m very pleased with it. Then when I get home it’s back to work on finishing the submission project. I should be able to finish it by tomorrow to prepare for shipping early next week. At least that’s the plan now.

Yesterday I ended up with just one student. The first lesson canceled on me. I got the call 5 minutes before I left the house. But, I still got paid. Why? Because we implemented the 24 notice policy. I don’t know about other teachers, but it’s not like I roll out of bed and head to teach. I spent 2 hours yesterday morning writing up a lesson plan and a student handout. Had I known the night before that the lesson wasn’t going to happen I would have printed the one sheet I needed for the 2nd lesson and worked on other stuff in the morning. So most of my day was lost for design work.

In weather related news, we’re just now getting the storm bands from Tropical Storm Fay. I find it funny in a way. Tuesday the storm ran right past us and we didn’t get anything. Now that she’s circled back across the panhandle, now we’re getting rain.

Oh well, I need to finish my coffee so I can head out. Have a great Friday!

Lots of things

My lunch appointment yesterday got rescheduled for Monday. Yeah, I don’t miss that job at all……the lunch is with my former boss so we can catch up (we were great friends while I worked with him) and he got slammed with stuff yesterday and couldn’t break away. The next day our schedules work together is Monday. So we’ll see.

All the ends are woven in on the yarn company project, and all it needs now is a quick light blocking and then packaged to go. I’m waiting for a return email from my contact there so I send it to the right place.

I have 2 back to back lessons today at the shop. I’ve got the lesson plans typed up and all that and ready to go. I need to crochet up a few samples for the first lesson before I leave.

But…great news….I just got word that another design has been accepted! They’re figuring out the yarn and all that now and I should hear something more soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is an awesome feeling. I wonder if the excitement goes away after a while. ‘Cause right now every single design that is accepted makes me happy and giddy.

Tonight I’m hoping to finish up my sweater for Ravelympics. Last night I was able to get the second sleeve sewn in and started weaving in ends. I only have to finish the neck edging and then weave in a few more ends. It could very well get finished tonight!

Anyway, I need to go finish up my work. Our skies still look like a storm is here. It rained last night and looks like it might rain today but I don’t know if it will.

Have a great day!

Tropical Storm Fay

I know, it’s not really crochet related, but since I have readers from all over, I wanted to make sure everyone knew what was going on.

I live in Florida, and yes, there’s a storm a coming. Right now we’re still not sure where she’ll make landfall and when she does how big she’ll be. Tomorrow is going to be pretty nasty weather wise no matter what. It’s expected for her to make landfall some time around 8am and be up in north Florida by 8pm. I’m in west central Florida…Hillsborough County for anyone who wants to keep track.

Now, I am about 10-15 miles (at the most) from the coast. But, the land goes up from there to us. And in our neighborhood our house is the highest on our street. So if a storm surge hits here, by the time it gets to us we should be fine. Besides, we have kayaks if need be.

Also, fear not about our home. This house was completed the weeks before Florida got hit with Charley (that was the year of a hurricane every weekend it seemed like). It stood with no damage. So we’re feeling pretty confident.

I’ve already put filtered water in containers in the fridge and freezer in case we lose power tomorrow. This way I have something to drink.

Tonight I go to teach a lesson here in town (not too far to drive) and John will be doing some cleanup to help prep just in case. There’s some things to come off the back screened porch and he wants to move things around in the garage so we can get vehicles in there if need be.

I’m rescheduling a lunch for tomorrow so I just don’t have to leave. Me and the animals will hunker down (ooh, that reminds me, we can start the drinking game tomorrow!) and wait it out.

Related to crochet stuff….Margarita was a huge help yesterday (THANKS AGAIN!!!) and I am much further along on assembly of the submission project. I am on the last piece for the yarn company and will likely write the directions tonight so that’s done in case we lose power tomorrow.

Speaking of losing power, please keep in mind that my website is hosted on a server here at the house. So, if we lose power, my site goes down. Just thought I’d let people know.

Okay, I have to get ready for my lesson tonight. Have a good night and I’ll update whenever I can tomorrow.


Yes, I took today off. I thought about it last night and decided that I would get up this morning, send off the two work emails I needed to send off, and then take today off guilt free.

And I’m glad I did because I got feedback from my contact at the yarn company and she gave me really good input on the project. So now I know exactly where I’m going with that and starting Monday I’ll crank it out.

I started Ravelympics here at 8am (corresponding with the start of opening ceremonies in China…regardless of how NBC is going to broadcast it) and am almost halfway through with the bottom skirt part of the sweater I’m making. It’s going pretty well. Well, it’s going pretty well after I recovered from ripping out 4 rows because I apparently can’t count to 45 on a regular basis.

It stormed here for a while so I had shut down the computer and got quite a bit done. Now I’m just checking email, updating my calendar, and checking the Ravelympic board for updates.

Oh, and I have a second student scheduled for 8/21 while I’m down there. It’ll be another back to back with lessons, but it makes the trip worth it for me. Otherwise I’m really just making gas money to get there and back.

I also have new books to review, but that may happen later this weekend. I joined Crafter’s Choice and scored some excellent resource books for myself. I’m really psyched about them. But…right now I have a sweater calling me back and I need to go work on that. My goal is to get the skirt part (the biggest part of this thing) done tonight. I might, maybe, might be able to get this thing done this weekend. Or at least mostly done. Which would be AWESOME.

Okay, off to go crochet. Have a good weekend, y’all!

Tired, but it’s for a good reason

Today I had a lesson at noon. I was feeling kinda “eh”, just tired, and a bit worn out. John took a mental health day today (he fell asleep on the sofa last night at 8:30 and slept until 9:30am, so he needed it) and I convinced him to drive me down to the shop for my lesson and we’d do lunch right after and then head back here where I would need to get back to work.

So we go down. And I set up and wait. While I’m waiting on my student, Debbie gets in from doing some work at the school and tells me that someone called and wanted to schedule a lesson for her 12 year old daughter and she penciled her in for 2pm today (since I was already there). I wasn’t super thrilled with the idea (see above and that I was feeling “eh”), but John was okay with it and so we rolled with it.

My 12pm student was awesome and picked it up really quickly. I tempted her into taking another lesson with the promise of teaching her how to do a foundation row without the foundation chain. So she’s scheduled (and prepaid) for the 21st at noon.

While that student was paying and wrapping up, I met with my 12 year old and her mother. I showed them which yarn to get and was preparing to take a few minutes to decompress (there’s 30 minutes between lessons) when the mom asked if I would teach two people at the same time. I told her as long as it’s two people who already know one another I have no problem with it. Turns out she decided to take the class, too. Which was good because the poor girl had been at an all night sleepover/lock-in thing and was exhausted and basically crashed in the middle of the lesson.

So, after the issues on Tuesday, this made up for it.

Granted, I didn’t get back here until after 5pm (we stopped for food since we skipped lunch), and I haven’t gotten done the things I wanted to get done. But, I did get paid and that’s always nice.

So I’ll be working late tonight. I need to send in the submission as soon as John gets done mowing the lawn and hooks up the scanner for me (it’s an old scanner and only works on one computer). And I need to swatch for the yarn company project and get pics of those taken and sent to my contact.

I am still debating taking tomorrow off. Part of me says I deserve it, especially since I’ve worked through 2 weekends in a row. And I’m caught up and ahead of schedule on my projects. The other part of me says I should just keep working and get even further ahead. Ugh. I will likely take tomorrow off. I need to get a good start on my Ravelympics entry. So I’ll work tonight and then take a couple days to relax and crochet something for me.

PSA regarding lessons

If you sign up to take a lesson at a shop, please understand that unless the instructor is on staff at the shop, he or she is likely driving to be there. Some of us drive a ways to teach at a shop we love. If you think you might not make it, then please, for the love of yarn, CALL the shop at least the day before. If you can’t do that, then at least call with enough notice that someone can get then get a hold of the teacher.

So yeah. Got a call this morning (about 30 minutes before I left) that my noon lesson was canceled. No biggie, get some work done, eat some lunch, and then head out for my 2pm lesson. Get there early, set up the room, help Debbie with some color selections for a yarn order, pet the new yarns that came in, and wait. And wait. 2pm arrives and there’s no student. Debbie calls and finally gets a hold of someone who tells her that the student wouldn’t be making it. Great.

Needless to say, there is now a newly instituted policy of deposits required to hold lesson times. I just wasted 2 hours and $10 in gas to get down there to turn around and come home. Going to go get back to work now and hope that I can get into a better mood.

Tired, but nearly done

SSP#2 is very close to finishing stages. I have been working very hard, very late at night, and even over the weekend. I just finished working for today. Normally I wouldn’t do this. But, I really want to get this put to bed as soon as possible.

Tomorrow will be very busy with 2 lessons down at the shop and travel time so I don’t know how much I will get done. Hopefully I can knock out a bit more in the morning before I leave. However, I still need to get together my stuff for teaching (I need to print out a new student handout) and I still need to finish putting together an email submission.

Wednesday will be an all day process on SSP#2. Hopefully that will knock the last of it out. Or at least to the point that I want to be at by the end of this week. Yarn should arrive by Wednesday from the yarn company and I will need to get started on that project as well. Which is why I’ve been working so hard on SSP#2.

Thursday is another lesson day, but only one so I should still have at least half a day to work here at the house.

At this point, I’m still planning on taking Friday off. In fact, I’m going to take the whole weekend off from work crochet. I want to get a good start on my Ravelympic entry. I’m hoping by having 3 days to work on it I can get a good bit done. Then I will be balancing it with finishing up SSP#2 (edgings and such) and working on the yarn company project.

Right now, though, I’m tired and I’m going to rest a bit before bedtime. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Weekend update

Friday night we went out to dinner to celebrate my good news. ๐Ÿ™‚ A great dinner at a nice little place up the road.

Saturday I didn’t do a lot, just relaxed and watched TV while John worked out in the garage. I worked a bit on my sock, but mostly just lounged around.

Sunday I got a bit more done. I straightened my studio up since I have a lesson here this afternoon and I’ll be working in there a lot more starting later this week. We went out and did our usual Sunday trip of lunch, Borders, and errand running. Once we got back John mowed the lawn and I ran the vacuum. Then I finished my sock while we watched TV. See?

Today I have a couple of lesson plans to write up and then I have a lesson this afternoon. Tomorrow I have another lesson at the shop. Hopefully on Wednesday or Thursday I will be getting a box o’yarn (woo hoo) and will need to crochet my little fingers off to get the project turned around and back out the door. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll see. It’s exciting.

And yeah, I’m not giving real details yet on what’s going on, but yes, I got the gig. This is the type of gig where the boxes show up at the door with yarn. ๐Ÿ˜€ So, I’m going to be very very busy soon. Which is good.

Okay, I’m off to get work done!

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