A Day in the Life….

Here you go. I kept track of this yesterday. It’s not nearly as glamorous as it seems being a crochet designer would be. Granted, I’m only working on one project right now. I’m sure if I was working on a few at one time (and really, I am, but it’s still at the point I can work on one for a period of time and then click back to the other one).

Anyway, here it is. I’m going to get back to work and hope to finish the wrap today so I can get pictures.

A day in the life of this crochet designer

4:30am: I hear John’s alarm go off and it takes me a minute to process that it’s his phone alarm and not a phone ringing (almost a year after leaving the supervisor gig and I still have issues with waking up to a phone ringing). Roll over and go back to sleep.

5:30am: Wake up to John kissing me goodbye. Mumble something along the lines of “Love you, drive careful, see you tonight” or some variant. Roll over and go back to sleep.

7:29am: Woke up and looked at my clock. Wow. Slept until 1 minute before the alarm. That’s pretty good. Turn off alarm, take out earplugs, roll out of bed. Bathroom pit stop, hair up in a ponytail, grab clothes and get dressed in something I won’t be too embarrassed to be seen outside in (today’s selection was a t-shirt and yoga pants).

7:35am: Open bedroom door and actually surprise one cat when I reach down to pet her. Said good morning to the two girls (the other cat came running up to the chair to be greeted) and then to Midnight (who was now at the gate whining).

7:38am: Open the gate, grab the dog before he runs into the living room, turn on the coffee pot on the way, put shoes and sunglasses on and leash up the dog to go out. Run into a neighbor from down the street and realize that while my clothes are okay for this time of the morning, I slipped on brown loafers instead of sneakers and I look kinda silly. Oh well, she’s moving anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

7:45am: Come back inside, go get Midnight’s food out of the garage (we are fighting ants in here, but for some reason they’re not out there) since I forgot to get it last night, feed Midnight, feed the girls, move Midnight’s bed out of the kitchen, turn on the news, turn on the laptop, open the blinds in the living room and turn on “kitty TV” in the front room (opening of the front blinds).

7:55am: Settle in and check email, Ravelry, blogs, etc. Chat for a bit with Dani. Decide what I want to work on for the day.

8:15am: Finally get a cup of coffee. I often either forget it’s ready or I’m too hot from taking the dog out (it was already in the mid 70s with high humidity when we went out). Delight in the fact that the air is still working.

8:30am: Decide I’m going to continue to work on the broomstick lace wrap instead of jumping to the tree skirt. Go over schedule for next couple of weeks and get things written in. Begin work, taking quick breaks every 20-30 minutes to give hands a rest.

10:30am: Get another cup of coffee, check to see that the trash got picked up, wander around for a bit, then get back to work. Fight off the design ideas that are creeping up and mentally file them away for later. Refuse to start anything new until these items are done.

11:30am: Get up, put the cup in the sink, get a glass of water, and try to figure out why the mail is late. Love on the cat who is following me from across the room. Get back to work. Grumble about not being able to crochet fast enough to keep up with the list of things I want to do.

12:30pm: I finally hear the mail truck, so I go out and pick up the mail. Nothing exciting, so I flip through it and then get back to work. Realize that in one of the early rows of this wrap I missed a loop and there’s a large loop of delicate rayon thread sticking out. Cuss. A lot. Try not to cry. Realize that it’s okay because this final product stays with me and I can hide it for pictures and maybe even sew it down so it won’t be a problem.

2:00pm: Take Midnight out for his middle of the day walk. Come back in and cool off. It’s already miserable here in Florida (by my standards). Climbing humidity and temps in the upper 80s. Think again about running away to a northern state. Realize that it wouldn’t work ’cause John hates the cold weather. Sigh and drink more ice water.

2:30pm: Deal with a dog who does not want to settle and just wants to whine (but doesn’t want to play). Deal with a jealous cat who wants to climb in my lap. Try to explain to both that I need to get back to work.

2:40pm: Realize the headache coming on is because I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Oops. Try to decide what to make. Finally decide on something and fix it. Get another row done while it cooks. Wonder why such an easy pattern and quick stitch is taking forever. Realize it’s because I picked a very slippery fiber to do it in. Consider making a HUGE sign for the studio that reminds me to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly).

3:00pm: Take a quick break, eat lunch, check email, refill the water glass. Get back to working on the wrap. Count the repeats I’ve finished again. Wonder what time and space wormhole I’ve climbed in that’s not letting this move forward very much.

4:15pm: Deal with the dog who wonders where his Daddy is (John’s usually home around now, but he’s doing overtime this week and won’t be home until 8pm).

4:45pm: Rip out a row because I can’t count. Cuss. Redo row.

5:10pm: Feed the dog and start figuring out what to make for dinner. Clean the kitchen up. Get back to work on the wrap to get a little more done.

6:00pm: Decide to stop for today because my hands are really dry (and catching on everything) and I need to get a shower.

6:20pm: Get off phone with John and then go get my shower.

7:15pm: Update my blog so Mom doesn’t worry if I don’t post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Give info about this post happening tomorrow.

7:30pm: Take Midnight out for his last walk of the day. Come back in and start dinner so it’s ready when John gets home. Baked chicken and rice. Yummo.

8:15pm: John pulls in and we eat dinner. We chat about how his day went and then I clean up the kitchen from the dinner dishes.

9:00pm: Goof off online chatting with Kerry about a situation she’s going through and try to give her as much support as I can. Realize I’m not going to be doing any more crocheting tonight.

10:00pm: Get Dani on messenger so we can chat while watching Top Chef. Still chatting with Kerry, too, so I’m not getting any other crochet done.

11:00pm: Set up coffee for tomorrow morning, and take Midnight out to the front yard for last bathroom break before bed. I can’t put him to bed in the kitchen yet because John’s finishing laundry.

11:45pm: Watch Midnight put himself to bed because he was tired. John’s laundry finishes and we finally go to bed. Alarm set, earplugs in, and off to dreamland.

Wool stealing cat

This is Katrinka.

She is a sweet cat most of the time. I sometimes call her Bitty Baby because she squeaks and makes the cutest baby kitty noises (for a 5 year old cat). She also likes to snuggle. A trait I love in a cat.

A trait I do not love in a cat is a yarn stealing brat. And not just any yarn, this one discriminates. She only messes with my wool.

The other night we were gone and came home to my wool skein being pulled apart and all over the floor.

Tonight? Tonight I come home to the projects I’ve been working on strewn over the floor (along with a magazine and a book she knocked over from the coffee table). Ugh.

So I now have to move things around and keep them hidden from the wool stealing cat.


In other news, I hope to have two different patterns up over the weekend. My “technical difficulties” have actually worked their way into becoming a new pattern. There are no mistakes, only design elements. ๐Ÿ™‚

Plenty of time!

That, gentle readers, would be my Little Bro’s blanket. DONE. It’s currently in the dryer. And I’m not up at 3am finishing it! ๐Ÿ™‚

So what’s on the hook now? Working on the socks I started back on my birthday. I needed a quick small project I could take with me to Disney tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ So this is what I chose. I may likely finish the first sock tonight and then have the second one to do on the trip out and while waiting in line for entry to Candlelight. I have new sock yarn, too, so I want to finish this pair with this pattern that I’m using and then I can play around with it for the next set.

To reward myself for finishing all my gifts while normal people are still awake, I had some ice cream (Dublin Mudslide from Ben and Jerry’s) and now I’m drinking a raspberry flavored beer (Woodchuck Draft Cider in Raspberry…yummo).

Oh, and I will likely start having to crochet some dog sweaters. We have our home visit next Saturday with the Greyhound Rescue group here to see if we’re a fit with the dogs for adopting a greyhound. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re excited. We’ve gotten past the primary application stage. So that’s good.

In other non-yarn / animal news, our two girls are going on meds. ๐Ÿ™ Trinka has some kidney problems and Trinka is overweight and has elevated liver enzymes. So both go on a special diet and meds starting tomorrow. It won’t be a happy time here in this household. Oh well. It’ll keep them healthy and happy in the long run.

Cats, crochet and books

Last night we had another issue with the cat and my crochet. I had the one flip flop coaster that I’ve made sitting on the kitchen counter. I came out of the bedroom ’cause I heard the cats crying and I wanted to go fuss at them. What do I see but the little yarn thieving black and white kitty with my flip flop coaster in the living room. Little brat.

So now I’m trying to decide if I should make them something. It’s not like she takes the yarn and destroys it. She doesn’t even run around the house with it. She’s usually caught taking either the yarn or the project with some yarn to somewhere near her blanket. So I don’t know if making her a toy will confuse her or get her to leave my stuff alone. But I have determined that if I make coasters for us, I will need a box to store them in when they’re not under a glass.

John took today off so we went to lunch and then to Borders. I got the only copy at that Borders of Crazy Aunt Purl’s “Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair”. Walked around reading it while he was looking at stuff. I had to quit reading ’cause I almost started crying after the first chapter. I can relate to a lot of what she’s been through.

Now we’re home and he’s looking through the Halloween special of the Make/Craft magazines. I need to get some crocheting done since I haven’t done anything today. I’m going to try to finish the kitchen basket #1 today.

Holiday gifts, classes, cats

Yesterday after I finished working on my work crochet, I decided to do some stash diving. Remember, I was worried that since orange wasn’t going to work in the new kitchen I would have to go buy more cotton. Well, after pulling out my Ziploc Big Bag full of cotton (thank goodness for this product, it helps my stash organization) I hunted and found enough that might work. So I grabbed cotton for both Mom’s and Kelli’s baskets. It’s going pretty quickly, which is nice. I’ve decided I’m going to try to knock out or at least get started all the small projects for gifts. Hopefully then in late October when the weather finally cools I can start on the afghans.

Anyway, John gets home and we decide to go get dinner. Since we’re only going to be gone for a while, I leave the basket with the yarn on the floor next to my chair. We had problems in the past with a certain cat of ours taking my yarn and running it across the room while still attached to the project. But, I’ve left yarn near her lately and she’s been better about it. So, I put the yarn into the basket and set my work bin on top. We were gone for 30 minutes, if that. We come home and there is the black and white kitty with half a caked ball of cotton and the beginnings of the basket in the middle of the room. Danged cat. And she sat there and let me get her. Brat. Thankfully, no major issues with it. And thankfully for her, it wasn’t the work project she dragged out.

I’m getting ready to eat lunch and then head out for my 2nd session with my student. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to go to the library afterwards or not. The library down a bit south of us has 3-4 books I need to look at on pattern grading. It’s going to depend on how tired I am. I may just go tomorrow or maybe over the weekend.

Okay, lunch is ready and then I need to finish getting stuff together for class. Later…

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