Unexpected Afghans Celebration Weekend!

This weekend Interweave Crochet is kicking off a celebration for the new Unexpected Afghans: Innovative Crochet Designs with Traditional Techniques!

I am so excited that I can finally tell you about this design. I loved every minute of this design.

Okay, let’s start with the photo, because that’s what y’all want, right? Here you go! Here’s my design, Amada Baby Blanket:

Amada Baby Blanket

I started this design with the idea of making lace in a worsted weight yarn. When I got the call for this book, I knew I had to send it in. The swatch was done in the same yarn as the final project (so happy for that!) and it’s Universal Yarns Cotton Supreme. If you haven’t used this yarn, seriously, pick some up. It’s so smooth and silky and has incredible drape.

Robyn was fantastic to work with and she picked a stunning color for the final project. I loved the bright pink. It gives it such a pop and a flair. However, any color you work this blanket in will be stunning (and change the look significantly).

Don’t let the lace fool you into thinking it’s a hard pattern. It’s not. It’s a simple four row repeat that’s super easy to memorize. Because it’s in a worsted weight yarn, it goes super fast. It really is a great way to introduce yourself to lace crocheting.

And it’s not just for babies! This blanket turned out a bit big for a baby blanket, 39″ square. So it’s perfect for draping over a favorite chair and using to cover your lap or shoulders. I originally pictured this as a porch blanket, perfect on a porch swing on a cool spring evening.

I do hope you’ll check out this book. Not just because I’m in it. But because it is so full of great designs from great designers. I have so many of these patterns marked to make at some point. There is some top notch work in here. Designs that are far from the typical patterns found in afghan books.

Now, if you’re interested in winning an e-book version, just respond here by 11:59pm Eastern Time on July 4th with your name and an answer to this question: What’s your favorite technique for afghans/blankets?. Are you the big and lacy type? Simple and traditional? Motif? Back and forth?

Also, check out the rest of the celebration at the links below! I hear that there will be giveaways there, too!

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Unexpected Afghans

Last year I worked on a project with Robyn Chachula. It was actually the second project that year (the first was in the book Simply Crochet: 22 Stylish Designs for Everyday, out now). I was very excited about this project because I got to work with a scrumptious yarn and work in my favorite technique – lace.

You can see a bit of my design here on the cover (it’s the hot pink blanket in the top left corner).

Unexpected Afghans cover

If you want to pick up a copy for yourself, you can pre-order it here on Amazon (using this link helps toss me a few pennies as I’m now a part of the Amazon Affiliates program): Unexpected Afghans: Innovative Crochet Designs with Traditional Techniques

Simply Crochet Blog Tour: Blooming Beauty Purse

Yay! I can finally tell you about this! Simply Crochet is now available in print (or you can get a downloadable e-book here).

Simply Crochet

Photo copyright Interweave

This book is jam packed with great patterns from great designers that I am honored to be in a book with. The best part of this book? It’s all about what to do with five balls or less of yarn. Great yarn. Yummy yarn. And, all of us have shared our tips and tricks on how to get the best bang for your buck.

My contribution? The Blooming Beauty Purse. This cute little purse uses only three balls of scrumptious Filatura Di Crosa’s Zara yarn. This yarn was wonderful to work with. Super soft, great color, and crisp stitch definition. I had a hard time packaging it up to send.

Blooming Beauty Purse

Because the motifs are open and lacy, you need to make a lining, but that’s super easy. And it gives you an opportunity to play with pops of color in fun fabric. I used two “fat quarters” that I picked up at my local fabric store. There are instructions on how to do the lining in the pattern. I’ll tell you a behind the scenes secret. Shh, don’t tell anyone else, this is just between you and me. I had my sister sew my lining for me. She has a better eye for this and I was close to my shipping deadline. And then the fabulous tech editor at Interweave worked with my faltering ability to explain what my sister did (and I had a hard time “showing” her what I did with just words in an email…lol) and wrote the directions for the sewing bit so anyone can follow it.

Here, I want to show off how pretty the inside is. I love the fabric. I actually bought four different fabrics (fat quarters are pretty inexpensive so it’s fun to play with) and put each one inside the finished purse to see which I liked best. The red won out.

Lining shot

You know what’s a fun idea? Put a nice neutral fabric on the outside of the lining (the part that will peek through your motifs to the world) and put a bright fun fabric for the inside. Because the lining uses two layers, you can fully customize it. Imagine the possibilities!

The purse is a great take along project. You make the first two rounds out of two of the colors and then later put the third round in the third color and join them all together. So the first bit can be taken with you and then you can sit at a table or in your favorite comfy chair and join them together following the diagram. I’ll tell you another little secret. I didn’t know it would be that shape when I was joining it together. I had in my mind something else and it wasn’t until I joined the last two motifs and stepped back that I saw it was in this great shape. Sometimes happy accidents are awesome.

There are 21 other designs in this book that are all awesome. I’m so honored to be a part of this book. Some of my favorite designers have designs next to mine. This is something that always makes me do the happy dance. This book is chock full of great designs, great tips, and is wonderful for stash busting.


Now the fun part! I get to give away a copy of the e-book. This will not be a hard copy. It’s a PDF file that you can take anywhere (I highly suggest Dropbox, especially if you have a smart phone…there’s an app for that and you can carry the book with you!).

Here’s the details for the giveaway! Comment below telling me your favorite tip for saving on yarn. You need to enter by Monday, December 12 at 8am Eastern time. I’ll pick a random commenter from all the comments and you’ll win! Easy peasy. πŸ™‚


Did you miss a post on the tour? Here’s the whole list of the tour. It’s like flipping through the book in order!

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Dec 5 Mystic Cuff by Robyn Chachula, http://crochetbyfaye.blogspot.com
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Dec 7 Diamonds and Lace Hat by Linda Permann, http://www.lindamade.com/wordpress/
Dec 8 Neck Lattice by Vashti Braha, http://designingvashti.blogspot.com/

3 Balls or Fewer
Dec 9 Botan Placemats by Marlaina Bird, http://knitthing.blogspot.com/
Dec 10 Tapestry Basket by Carol Ventura, http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/blog/
Dec 11 Blooming Beauty Purse by Tracie Barrett, http://traciebarrett.com/blog/
Dec 12 Nedburt Puppet by Robyn Chachula, http://crochetbyfaye.blogspot.com
Dec 13 Natalie Shrug by Megan Granholm, http://loopdedoo.blogspot.com/
Dec 14 Giselle Vest by Simona Merchant-Dest, http://stylishknits.blogspot.com/
Dec 15 Sidney Cardigan by Robyn Chachula, http://crochetbyfaye.blogspot.com
Dec 16 Annabel Shawl by Kristin Omdahl, http://www.styledbykristin.com/

5 Balls or Fewer
Dec 17 Tallula Baby Top by Marlaina Bird, http://knitthing.blogspot.com/
Dec 18 Amelia Cardigan by Julia Vaconsin, http://www.juliavaconsin.com/
Dec 19 Float Vest, Float Cardigan by Robyn Chachula, http://crochetbyfaye.blogspot.com
Dec 20 Linked Jacket by Robyn Chachula, http://crochetbyfaye.blogspot.com
Dec 21 Dots and Dashes Blanket by Ellen Gormley, http://gocrochet.com
Dec 22 Spa Shawl Top by Doris Chan, Spa Shawl Tunic by Doris Chan, http://dorischancrochet.com/

I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Socks by Karen Ratto-Whooley

Photo copyright Leisure Arts and used with permission

Okay, so everyone who knows me knows that I love crocheted socks. My sock yarn stash has a special bin that I can reach at any time. If I have extra money to spend, it will often go to sock yarn. This is because, to me, socks are the perfect travel project. They fit in my purse, are easy to do on a plane or bus, and allow me to make something for myself in a short amount of time. I actually bought a pair of shoes that show off my crocheted socks and wear them proudly to any yarn event. My socks never match my outfit, and I don’t worry about that.


So when I heard that my dear friend and fellow designer, Karen Ratto-Whooley, was coming out with a sock book, I was so excited. When she asked me to do a stop on her blog tour, I was over the moon. The book is I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Socks and is published by Leisure Arts.

First off, a little about Karen. She is so completely awesome. I met her in person at the 2010 Knit and Crochet Show. We clicked instantly and hung out most of the weekend. Unfortunately, we were so busy chatting and having fun that we failed to get a photo together. And of course, we didn’t notice that until we were back at our respective homes. She is the utmost professional, and a very talented designer.

Okay, so the book. When I got it in the mail, I dropped everything and immediately flipped through it. This book is so very well put together. She explains the parts of the sock, the differences in fiber types, and all the tools you’ll need to make socks. Once you get addicted like we are, you’ll start keeping a whole kit together just for your sock projects. Go ahead and set it up now, you’ll thank me later.

One thing I love about this book is there are two patterns explaining the basic sock methods: Toe up and Cuff Down. And Karen has written the patterns where you can change color in each different part of the sock. It’s not necessary, but if you’re making socks for the first time, this is really great to understand the concept of what you’re doing. I love it.

Basic Toe Up Socks. Photo copyright Leisure Arts and used with permission

Basic Cuff Down Socks. Photo copyright Leisure Arts and used with permission

Another thing I love about this book is the patterns themselves. There’s a great mix between toe-up and cuff down. There are two socks sized for men (which after making socks for my dad and brother after extrapolating a pattern I typically used, this is a great thing…less math for me!). All the sock patterns suggest sock yarn, which means these will fit in your shoes! Also, no seaming (unless you’re doing cuff down, then you just have to close up your toe)!

Ripple Socks. Photo copyright Leisure Arts and used with permission.

These ones are my favorites and the ones I’m currently working on. I’d hoped to have at least one to show you, but life got in the way and I didn’t get them finished in time. But they will be done soon and I’ll blog about them! These are the Ripple Socks and the pattern is very easy to understand. I will share one bit of advice. Trust Karen. Seriously. She knows what she’s doing. I had a moment where I thought, “Hmmm, that’s different than I usually do it, I better be prepared to fudge it to make it work.” But you know what? I didn’t have to. It was perfect.

The photography is fabulous in this book. Especially in the first two patterns which are broken down like tutorials. Perfect for new sock crocheters. The patterns are clearly written. Everything you need to know is there. If you’ve ever thought of crocheting socks, this is the book to get.

Now, I wanted to do a question and answer with Karen, so here we go:

Karen, as a fellow sock addict, I’m so thankful you did this book. Why do you love crocheting socks so much?

There are lots of reasons! They are fast and portable. A whole lot faster than knitting socks! I love all of the self-striping and long-striping yarns available in sock weight yarns. I end up crocheting a whole lot longer because I want to see “what the next color will do”. And then when that color is done, I want to see the next one. LOL!

Many crocheters seem to be afraid of crocheting socks. Why do you think that is?

Honestly, I think crocheters are intimidated by the size of the yarn. When you see a knitter knitting socks, they are using very small needles (Size 0 sometimes!) That is not true with crochet. I actually encourage using a larger hook than you would normally in order to get the drape and elasticity needed for socks. Crochet is already dense. The larger hook helps reduce that density.

The other thing I think that crocheters don’t realize is that you can use sock yarns. So many patterns in the past use sport or worsted weight yarns. The result is “slipper-like” socks, that won’t fit in a shoe, and many times are so bulky that most people don’t like the way they look. By using sock yarns with a slightly larger hook, the result is a sock that can be worn and is lovely to look at.

What would be your advice for a crocheter trying socks for the first time? Should they do one of the tutorial patterns in a larger yarn? I know you suggest a “light” yarn for those. Do you find this helps the crocheter learn the steps before committing to smaller sock yarn?

If a crocheter hasn’t made socks before, I would say, definitely try the cuff-down tutorial pattern first. Try using the sock yarn first, but if you are struggling, then go up to sport or worsted weight. Once you can see what you are looking for, then bump back down to the sock yarn. The cuff-down sock would be the best for a first timer. Once that has been accomplished, the toe up will make more sense.

There are so many sock yarns on the market now. Do you have a favorite sock yarn? Do you prefer yarns that will stripe or just regular variegated yarns? What’s your go-to sock fiber?

I have to choose? LOL! I love the striping yarns, I love the variegated yarns. I love the solid colors. I think I pick my yarn based on the pattern. If there is a lot of detail in the sock pattern, I will gravitate toward a solid or a tonal yarn. If the sock is more basic, I will chose a striping or variegated yarn

As far as fiber, I really love yarns with bamboo in them. Not only are they soft, but they have a beautiful sheen. I always make sure that my yarns have a little wool or acrylic for those who might be allergic to wool. Wool and acrylic have more elasticity than cotton, silk or bamboo. Using a blend helps with fit! My LYS just got in a sock yarn with Cashmere. I haven’t tried that one yet, but just by touch I think that could be a new favorite.

What is your number one tip for sock crocheting success?

I think the best tip I have is to TRUST in the pattern. I teach that all the time in my sock classes. A lot of the time my students will start a toe-up sock and it just doesn’t look right to them at the beginning. Many times the pattern for a sock isn’t straight forward. But if you just trust and keep going, you will discover that it usually works out in the end.

Can I just toss in an “absolutely!” here? πŸ™‚

One of the complaints I hear about making socks (both by crocheters and knitters) is having to make two items from the same pattern. Any tips to help stave off the dreaded ‘second sock syndrome’?

Split your ball of yarn, and work both socks at the same time! If you purchase a large ball of yarn (350-450 yards in a single ball will usually make a pair of crocheted socks) have the LYS wind and split the ball evenly for you. If you have to do it yourself, use a kitchen scale that has grams. Weigh the ball before and then keep weighing until you have split the ball in two.

When working the pattern, do the cuff on one sock then do the cuff of the other. Then one leg, then the other. Same for the heels and foot and toe. It goes faster and you don’t have to remember for very long or have to write down your row counts as much if you do it this way. And it is something that knitters cannot do necessarily unless they know how to knit 2 at once on a circular. We just have to pull the hook out.

Confession time. I have nine pairs of completed crocheted socks and three pairs that just need some finishing (or are close to being done). Just how many pairs of crocheted socks do you have?

For myself, I only have 2-3 pairs. My kids each have more than that and even my husband has a pair. The rest of the socks have gone to either family, models for classes and/or books! Although I do have a pair that are in progress just for me! If I ever get a chance to get back to them!

I’m beginning to think I might have a problem now.

I’m a huge fan of toe-up socks because I hate that seam at my toe (and no matter how smoothly I try to do my whip stitching, I can always feel it). What’s your favorite direction to work your socks?

Toe up is definitely my favorite way as well. I am one of those people who doesn’t like to sew either. This way, I only have the ends to weave in.

However, there are times that the cuff down with the heel flap and gusset are better. I think for men’s socks especially. Men seem to have trouble with getting their feet into socks if it is too tight at the ankle. The way I do my short row heels help in the ankle area. And I am working now on a pattern with a toe up heel flap and gusset pattern, so that I can avoid that issue.

For people who may want a hands on lesson in learning to crochet socks, where can they take classes from you?

I regularly teach at Crochetville.org. I have 2 sock classes on the schedule there this year. Cuff down starts May 6th and Toe Up starts November 4th!

I am also starting to teach online at my website. The Crochet Learning Studio will be open this month, hopefully by March 7th, 2011 for registration. The link is http://www.krwknitwear.com/learningcenter. I have a newsletter there just for classes, so be sure to sign up if you are interested.

If you are local to me, I teach classes at Great Yarns! in Everett,WA http://www.greatyarns.com. Check the website for the class schedules.

I also teach nationwide. If you have a guild or a shop that might like to have me come and teach, let me know! I love to visit new places! I also teach at major events like Stitches and The Knit and Crochet Show. I always have my schedule on my website: http://www.krwknitwear.com.

I hope you enjoyed our visit with Karen today! If you love crocheting socks, get this book. If you’ve always wanted to try crocheting socks, get this book! You, too, will be saying, “I can’t believe I’m crocheting socks!”

Swag and goody update

So I didn’t get a lot of things while at Chain Link. Coming in to Buffalo, my checked luggage was at 47.3 pounds. So I didn’t have a lot of room to play with.

When I registered I bought the commemorative hook. It’s really pretty and I picked that up on Wednesday:

Here’s a closeup of the carved info:

I also got a Lion Brand goody bag. It was a huge bag but didn’t have a lot in it. Two skeins of yarn, some plastic circular knitting hooks, the Just Wraps book, and a handout that was all knit hats. Here’s what I kept:

I’m likely going to give my niece the yarn since I didn’t get a chance to pick her up anything. πŸ™‚

During Professional Development Day I got an Annie’s Attic book along with all my handouts. Everyone got different ones. I got Comfort Crochet:

I also won a door prize! A Tahki Stacey Charles pattern book (that I’ve wanted for a while) and 9 skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic. There’s a Doris Chan pattern in there that I wanted to make and I have just enough yarn for it! How awesome is that?

On Thursday after the Getting Loopy show, we ran over to the market preview where Mary Beth Temple was signing books at the Leisure Arts booth. Leisure Arts was giving away copies of the book! I was stoked about this since I had planned on buying it anyway!

It feels weird to me to get an autograph from someone I consider a friend. But I did it anyway. πŸ˜‰

Friday during lunch I broke down and went to buy the Tulip Etimo hooks. I held one in my hand during the Thursday preview and had to have them. Here’s the case closed (I love how fancy it looks):

And open:

Yes, it came with all the hooks from D to J (including the 2 sizes of G), a pair of really sharp scissors, a hard ruler, and 2 needles. There’s room for 2 more hooks if I move the scissors to the zippered section.

Saturday after the Meet and Greet we stood in line for Drew’s book signing. Again, Leisure Arts was giving away books. They were totally random but it worked out great! Margarita got a hat book and I got the pet book.

It has so many cute projects in it! Midnight currently sleeps on an old memory foam topper that has been cut into two beds. There’s a cover in this book that I think I might make (better than the blankets tossed on it). I need to do it with a zipper so I can take it off to wash it. Anyway, also got an autograph:

On Saturday I finally broke down and bought a Nantucket Bag. I’ve been lusting after one of these for months now. As soon as I heard they would be at Chain Link, I knew this was something I was coming home with. I just wanted to see it in person and make sure I liked it. Well, I do. I love it!!! They had it in purple (guess what color I got?), too! This thing is so neat and customizable. I spent one day with it as a backpack and then traveled with it as a tote bag. I plan on pulling out some of the stitches to customize my pockets. Plus, I can hang it flat on my studio wall to hold my tools and then when I’m going somewhere I can just grab it and zip it up and go! Here’s some pics of it:

As a tote bag:

Two shots of it open:

And the view of the back showing the shoulder straps:

I also picked up a pair of crochet earrings on Saturday in our last run through the market before heading down to the dinner. Aren’t they cute?

The last thing I got was at the dinner on Saturday night. There were double ended hooks and knitting needles on the chairs. I grabbed a seat with a hook. It’s a G double ended hook which I can use as a Tunisian hook by simply putting a stopper on the other end.

So that’s all the swag I came back with. And for the record, my luggage was right at 50 lbs on the way back. πŸ™‚ And that’s with putting most of the yarn swag into my carry on bag. πŸ™‚

It’s here!

Today I got a nice surprise via UPS. My copy of Granny Square Wear!!!

See, here’s the cover:

And let me just say how excited I am about this book. See, to me, it’s a book because it has a spine. An actual spine! πŸ˜€ Yes, it’s the little things that thrill me!

Look, here’s my name:

And here are the beautiful pics that are in the book:

There are another 8 patterns in the book and they’re all fabulous! I’m among great designers and that makes me happy.


Hey, remember this?

Well, I can now tell you what it turned out to be….

It’s in the new book out by Annie’s Attic called Granny Square Wear. Now I will be stalking the mailbox for my copy to show up.

This is a fun project and I’ll be wearing one at the Fashion Show at the CGOA conference. And for an idea of how long it took me to make it, I did the sample in a day and a half while at a “grownup slumber party”.

Okay, I have to get back to work. Another project due to go out the door by the end of the week. Later….

Coming soon….

…another pattern by me in the CLF book!

Just got word today that my pattern I submitted for the CLF’s 2nd book – Crochet in Chains: The CLF All Growed Up – has been accepted.

I’m not going to show you a picture or even tell you what it is (keeping in theme with the “adult” nature of the book, I’m just gonna tease), but I will say that it is a really neat project.

I will say that it might include beads and thread again. πŸ™‚ And that it will make a great gift for yourself or someone else.

The rest of it, you have to wait until the Fearless Leader says I can say more.

This book will be smaller than the last one, and therefore less pricey. Fearless Leader has learned a lot in the publishing of the first book, so fingers crossed this one goes quicker and easier on her! And of course I’ll be posting updates as I get them and I’ll let everyone know when the book is ready!

Now I need to get off my duff and type up my submission for the 3rd book (yes, we have many planned) and get that submitted.

Gift making frenzy

Whew, been a busy morning already.

I finished the main crocheting on SSP#4 on Friday night, so I can take this week off guilt free. While I have 2 more small things to make to go with it, I will likely do that today. I’m not going to ship until after the holidays so it doesn’t get lost during the mail rush.

Today I needed to whip up some quick gifts to send to Nelcy and Ray up in NJ. My original plans got shot down simply due to time. I will likely still do them and have them ready for either birthdays or next year. πŸ™‚ I was going to just do some ornaments and such, but found a great pattern last night and decided to do that instead.

So here’s why I made Nelcy (if you’re reading, Nelcy, stop now, please):

It’s the Crochet Beaded Bracelet (Ravelry Link). It worked up very fast. I may be making a few more since it was so fast and easy.

For Ray, I sent up a hat I had in my “made it, don’t know what to do with it” bin. I hope he likes it.

It’s the Skater Hat (Ravelry Link).

After getting those done, I whipped up a small ornament (no pic, sorry) and packaged them up and sent Priority Mail to NJ. Hopefully they get there by Wednesday. If not, then at least it should reach them by the end of this week.

Today’s plan? I have one more pair of socks left to make. I finished the 3rd pair last night. Then I need to finish my niece’s dress. Then I’m done other than working on John’s vest. I’m in a good place, I think. John’s vest likely won’t get done by Christmas, but if I can get it done by the time he leaves next Sunday, then I’ll be happy. He said it was 34 when he got into the hotel last night.

Today’s delivery people (not mail, it’s not here yet) brought me 2 books: Crocheting on the Edge and Amigurumi Animals from Crafter’s Choice (LOVE them…I got one of them for free) and yarn for the next project to be published. Yay! That project will start as soon as I wrap up SSP#4 and get it sent.

Okay, since I’ve eaten lunch (ceasar salad, yum) I’m going to get back to work on the socks. πŸ™‚ After Christmas, I’ll post pictures of all the socks. πŸ™‚

And to all my readers who are celebrating: I wish you a very happy Hanukkah. πŸ™‚

It’s hard to blog when nothing can be shown or talked about!


I’m still here! Y’all remember me? LOL

I’ve been crocheting away the last few days but I can’t show you any of it! I’m making great progress on SSP#4. Hopefully it will be done and out the door by the end of this week.

The other things I’m working on? Holiday gifts. And I can’t show those, either. πŸ™‚ I did complete Holiday Socks #1 on Friday. I finished the first sock of Holiday Socks #2 yesterday and am about halfway through the foot of the second sock. That still leaves 2 more pairs to make. But, I’m feeling like I’m in a good place and can get the bulk of the gifts done in time. I say that because I know I won’t get John’s gift done in time. He already said to do his last so I can get the other ones done for Christmas morning. Good guy. πŸ™‚

Another way he’s a good guy? He called me Friday from the mall near the airport. He was at the bookstore and wanted to know what crochet magazines I needed. I had already picked up the new Crochet Today (at my grocery store!) and I get Crochet! through subscription. Interweave Crochet isn’t out yet (although it looks REALLY COOL this month). So that left Crochet World. So he found one and brought it home to me. πŸ™‚ Yay!

I did get a new book yesterday. It’s Rowan’s Crochet Workshop. Good book if you teach or you know a beginner who could use clear pictures. I’m likely loaning mine to my friend Mare since she’s a new crocheter. I also got a neat messenger bag at the same time (I buy my books through Crafter’s Choice). I’m going to make a CLF patch (pattern is in the CLF First Ever Book) and sew it on there. πŸ™‚ The bag is olive drab green so it should work out.

Okay, I need to get back to sock making or I won’t make my deadlines. πŸ™‚ Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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