A new to me office!

For the past few months (wow, okay, five of them), I’ve been working on an old dining room table in the living room. While the view was fantastic (straight out to the lake across the street), it was really hard to stay focused on work for a number of reasons. One, my back was to the rest of the house and so I spent a lot of time turning around whenever someone was walking around the house (or the animals were up to something). Two, there was no real privacy to allow me to focus when I really needed to and other people were home. Three, I spent a lot of time stacking stuff on the table behind my computer or on the chair next to me. Most of my files and books and things were being stacked in the other room (away from nosy kitties). It was making me crazy and making it really hard to get done those things I needed to get done.

So, this last weekend, my love and I spent some time and cleaned out the office. Yes, there’s been an office this whole time, but it was being used for storage as he went through things that needed clearing out. We also were using it to store things we’d moved out of the living room when we rearranged it. It’s not fully there yet, but it is at least now useable. There’s still a whole bookcase that needs to be emptied and gone through, as well as a file cabinet, but it’s well on its way.

The best parts about this room? Windows all around (okay, I’m not totally thrilled because it makes it really hard to put cool storage furniture in here when there’s no available wall space) for light. I can still see out to the lake as well as the yard. There’s a window a/c unit in here, so as it only gets hotter here (we’re already hitting in the 90s these days), I can stay comfortable. And, best of all, there’s a door. Not that I’ve shut it yet, but it’s going to be a little easier for the boy to recognize that I’m working over the summer if I close it part way.

Oh, and my favorite part?

The view in the evenings when my love sits across from me. The “desk” that was in here is a table from IKEA so we each have a side from it. So, in the evenings now, he sits across from me and we both can work. Of course, as I tweeted last night, this means when we want to show something to the other, we now rely on Google Talk to share links. In the old set up, we were sitting next to one another so it was a little easier.

The animals have approved the office as well. Cinder, our dog, sleeps on the floor either next to me or under the desk the entire time I’m in here. Alice, has decided to employ the “If I fits, I sits” method of choosing a cat bed (although she was unhappy that there is another box inside this one…it was sitting there to make it to the recycle bin):

The other two cats sneak in from time to time and then wander back out. I like that I can shut the door to the room at night and not have to worry about the cats stealing yarn or projects or whatever.

I’m hoping that now that I have a space I can truly work in, I can get a lot more accomplished. 🙂