Book Reading Update

Whew, last week flew by, and after the Knitting and Crochet Blog week, I needed a break!

So, I thought I’d do a “books I’m reading” post.

I’ve been reading a lot of little books, and most of them aren’t even worth mentioning. But, I did finish Origins: Spinward Fringe that I mentioned in my last books post. It was pretty good. Not happy that it’s the first book of a long series, because, well, I don’t have enough of an attention span anymore to do those.

The one book I am reading on my Kindle is Winnie and Gurley: The Best-Kept Family Secret by Robert G. Hewitt.

It’s pretty good. I really like it. The author has a great way of telling the story about his family and how he came about writing the book. There’s a lot of family photos, which show up remarkably well on the Kindle, and it helps to get the reader rooted in the story.

Here’s the description: When they met in 1906, Winnie Griffith was the headstrong fifteen-year-old daughter of a wealthy small-town merchant and Gurley Hewitt the hardworking twenty-year-old orphaned son of a Methodist circuit rider. When they fell madly in love, nobody approved. It took them two years to overcome the opposition, and then they married. It was a romantic beginning. This is the story of its tragic end.

Award-winning artist Robert Hewitt is the youngest grandchild of Winnie and Gurley. Throughout much of his life the family conspired to keep him ignorant of his grandparents’ story even as they were hanging onto a large horde of memorabilia and materials that, all together, told the tale. All of it ended up in Winnie’s gargantuan black trunk, the same trunk in which she’d carried her schoolgirl wardrobe back and forth on the train to Rollins College. After Winnie’s death, at her specific instruction, the family gave the trunk to Robert.

So far, it’s proving to be a very interesting read. Even more so due to the fact that my own grandmother lived near Rollins College (so we drove by it all the time) and it was one of the schools I really wanted to go to after high school. So there is that bit of connection there.


Saturday was Free Comic Book day, so we went out to our two favorite comic and game stores. We mainly went in to look for a specific role playing game book for me. We couldn’t find it, but we did find another one. See, not all gaming is Dungeons and Dragons. 🙂 I tend to prefer games that are a little different than the typical d20 based rule system. It’s just too many rules and numbers and what dice go with what for me.

We stumbled upon H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands: Roleplaying Beyond the Wall of Sleep (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) and decided that was the one for me.

This is what’s known as a “source book” and contains extra characters, scenarios and the like for playing within the Call of Cthulhu system. I loved reading H.P. Lovecraft in college, so this seemed like a great plan. Little did I know that it contains a reading list, or as I called it in the car, “homework”, to help put the game master in the mood. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as like I said, I really like reading Lovecraft’s work.


Saturday afternoon when we got home, G handed me the Call Of Cthulhu: Horror Roleplaying In the Worlds Of H.P. Lovecraft (5.6.1 Edition / Version 5.6.1) core rule book. Now, there is a newer edition out, so if you’re interested in doing this as well, you may want to go with the newer book. We have this one, though.

Which, of course, means I have even more reading to do. This book is the one that contains the rules, how to run the game, how to create the characters, so on and so forth.

This, however, led to us picking up another book while we were in the book store on Sunday. Gotta read the background material. So, we picked up The Dreams in the Witch House: And Other Weird Stories.

I’m already about a third of a way through it. I forgot how creepy Lovecraft can be. I love that! However, that led to needing something a little lighter to read last night. We were hanging out at the church while G was in a men’s group meeting, so Mr. B and I sat in another room and read (he’s reading one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid stories and loves it). G brought me from the church library a copy of Philosophy For Beginners by Richard Osborne.

Now, the edition we have in our library is from 1974, so it doesn’t look exactly like that, but it’s close. I read a few pages and really enjoyed it. It’s written in a comic book style, and that made it easier to read and understand. If you’re looking to learn about philosophy, but don’t want to have to read a lot of dry, dusty tomes to do it, pick this one up. I’m looking forward to continuing it.


That’s all for what I’m reading this week. As you can see, I’m kinda all over the place with my reading. That’s actually somewhat normal for me, though. You’re just finally getting a peek into the madness. 🙂