Short list of books I’m reading

This week I don’t have as many books to report. I finished a couple, kept reading on some, and blew through a bunch of little books that weren’t worth mentioning (remember when I said I hoard books on my Kindle).

First of all, though, I finished The Night Circus. And I LOVED it! Oh, so good. I’ve passed it on to G to read so I can talk with someone about it. It was amazing. It is one of those few books I might just read again.

I also finished Turning Inside Out. Yeah, I’m not really sure what to say about this one. It was sad to read, because obviously what has happened to this woman in her childhood has really affected her. It was a difficult read and I’m not sure I can recommend it to many people. However, if you’re intrigued with how the human brain handles trauma, then give it a go. But have a light and fluffy book prepared to read after.

Still plugging along on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values. This is a longer read because it is rather deep and thoughtful. I am still thoroughly enjoying it, though. I just get distracted by different books.


New book that I read quickly


Looking Through Lace by Ruth Nestvold is a quick little short story that really surprised me.

Description: “As the only woman on the first contact team, xenolinguist Toni Donato expected her assignment on Christmas would be to analyze the secret women’s language — but then the chief linguist begins to sabotage her work. What is behind it? Why do the men and women have separate languages in the first place? What Toni learns turns everything she thought they knew on its head.”

Now, here’s the surprising bit. It mentions crochet. In fact, crochet plays an integral part of the story. Pick this one up! This is another one that I’ve foisted on G to read. 🙂 It’s only about 20,000 words, so really, it’s a quick read.


Current book on the Kindle


Origins (Spinward Fringe) by Randolph Lalonde.

Description: “It is the distant future and one man, Jonas Valent, is letting his life slip by. He is employed by Freeground station as a port traffic controller, a job he took after completing a tour in the military. His only real joy in life is his participation in true-to-life military simulations with a cadre of friends who come together regularly to defeat challenges made to test the brightest military cadets and officers alike. These restricted scenarios stand as an addictive preoccupation that is so enticing that they ignore the potential repercussions of breaking in to participate.

When someone betrays their identities to the Freeground Fleet Admiralty, Jonas and his friends are faced with a far greater challenge: to venture out into the more populated regions of the galaxy to acquire technology and knowledge. They are tasked with laying the groundwork for the Freeground Nation in their efforts to reconnect with the rest of humanity, and to secure the armaments they might need to defend themselves from encroaching enemies.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins is a collected trilogy that chronicles the early adventures of an ambitious crew. Their leader, Jonas Valent, has the least to lose and everything to gain as he tells the tale of his first tour as Captain of a ship tasked with making allies and discovering new technologies for the good of his people. This simple mission becomes more complicated as the crew ventures further into the settled fringes of the galaxy.”

I’m not sure what I think of this one yet. It’s interesting, and it’s keeping me intrigued. Science Fiction is usually not a genre I gravitate to on a regular basis. But, the story line sounded interesting. We’ll see how long this one takes me to read and if I get sidetracked by other Kindle books.


The other books I’ve gone through are either silly little books that didn’t excite me or tell me anything new, or books of a more personal nature that I’m not going to share here. 🙂


There won’t be a post next Saturday about books as I’m participating in the Knitting and Crocheting Blog week starting on Monday and running through Sunday. I’ll pick back up on the following Saturday. Hopefully with a lot to share!