Next step achieved – New Business Cards!

I’ve had the same type of business cards since I launched my design career back in 2007. When I started this new venture, adding in professional services, I needed a new business card. I also needed new cards since my phone number was on my old cards and that has changed (and I no longer wanted to list that), as well as having a new website. Granted, if you go to, you’ll come here (thanks to my fabulous webmaster).

Anyway, it was time. I’m not handing out many cards these days, so I knew I didn’t need to get a lot. Gone are the days of needing 500 cards at a time (not that I ever ran out). I’d heard good things about Moo Cards, so I decided to check them out. I started with a sample pack, using one of their premade backgrounds, just to see what the cards were like.

I was blown away. These cards are slick, beautiful, heavy, and packaged in such a way it made me and everyone who saw them smile. So I decided to go ahead and order a set. The neat thing about their cards is I could upload as many photos as I wanted for the back of my cards without being charged extra for them. I chose a few of my favorite patterns and one from a class promo photo. Then I was able to put my logo (which I will be working on updating next) and all my info on the back for no extra charge.

The interface to do all this is so simple, so intuitive, and really slick. I received emails when the order printed and when it was mailed to me. They came yesterday. They were packed in a bubble mailer and the little box they were in had a bright “Yay!” sticker on it. 🙂 I was so excited I opened them right there in the post office. Here, let me show you…

Moo Cards

The six photos I chose and the back side of the card.

Aren’t they awesome? I love them so much.

And now the best part. If you want some Moo cards of your own, you can get them with a 10% discount if you go here. Trust me, they’re awesome and you’ll love them.