Ah, Cama

The view

Oh, where to begin about Cama?

The flight was pretty easy, although long. The longest flight I’d ever taken (JFK to SEA). Seriously, 5.5 hours. Ugh. At least I got a lot of crochet time in.

I was amazed at how beautiful it was. We could see mountain tops from the window in the plane. And the whole way driving to Camano Island I kept staring out window, amazed at the beauty surrounding me. I have a ton of photos I could bombard you with, but instead, I think I shall give you the link to my Flickr set (that includes both Cama and Downtown Seattle where we spent a couple of days before heading back).

I taught two classes to some great people, hung out with a lot of awesome crocheters, tasted tea, pet alpacas, hiked all over Cama Beach with the guys, and all in all recovered my soul while I was there.

That last part? That’s the main reason I was there. Yes, I wanted to do the other things, too, but those who are close to me know that by the time we left for Cama, I needed the soul recovery more than anything else.

And it worked. Walking down the beach the first full day, listening to the sound of the surf coming in, finally learning to skip stones…all that worked like a balm to the soul. Being handed a pink heart shaped stone that G found nearly brought me to tears (and it’s carried in my purse still). Tuesday night I sat out on the porch after everything quieted down, gazed at the stars (more than I’d ever seen before), listened to the waves lap the shore, and sipped some wine. And in that moment, I felt myself find peace again.

I came home from the entire trip refreshed. I’m still not entirely sure what’s going to happen with the designing. I haven’t quite got that spark flamed again yet, but I know it’s still there. Right now I don’t want to push or force anything because that’s not fair to anyone.

I am crocheting again, a lot, and that’s a great sign. I’m getting my teaching stuff organized so I can hopefully teach a few more classes locally. And I’ve started doing some pattern testing and tech editing. I’m not ready to put myself completely out there yet, although I will let you know as soon as I do. My attention to detail has to work in my favor on this. 🙂

I’ve also revamped the website. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks all parts of my website will be over here and better than ever. I really like using WordPress now and am thankful to be dating a web developer (because I’d be silently freaking out in the corner right now if I was doing this alone). Feel free to poke around as I get things set up.

I’m hoping to post more, too. I have a lot of things to post about this month, and I think this will make things a lot easier to do. Thanks for sticking with me through this. It’s all up from here!