New blog home

Crocheting at Cama

Lace crocheting at Cama Beach

Cama was amazing! Photos coming soon, but first I had to take care of a little housekeeping stuff.

You are now on my new site ( I will eventually also have my website ( over here as well. But for now, the blog is here.

Why the move? Well, the website needed to be updated anyway (badly) and after getting an email that my “free” webhosting was about to charge me for having too many visitors, it was time to make things happen. It’s beneficial to be dating a web developer, too. 😉 He’s working his WordPress magic and helping me make an awesome site.

So, thanks for following me over here and I promise I’ll be updating more often. Cama was wonderful for me and gave me the opportunity to revive my creative soul. Keep an eye out on the rest of the website and it’ll be developing into its own soon.