Book Review: Inside the Creative Studio

Last week I was lucky to be able to get a review copy of Inside the Creative Studio from Interweave. Let me tell you, this is a book you want.

I dropped EVERYTHING once I cracked it open. This book is so full of inspirational eye candy it’s amazing. So many different artists opened up their studios for photos and floor plans and interviews. I read about everything from tiny closet studios to whole barn studios. And yes, I did mention floor plans. Every studio featured showed the floor plan as well. To this former interior design student, it made my heart sing. Photos of the space are one thing, but to see how the arrangement actually works is another.

The book is also chock full of tips and information. Storage tips (including thinking outside the box on what you can use to hold the bits and baubles of a crafting life), lighting tips, color scheme tips, etc. I read this book in two sittings, and will likely read it over a few more times.

This is a great book, whether you’re a full time crafter or just looking for a space for your creative hobbies. Any type of crafter can find inspiration in this book. Even for non-crafting things. I’m already getting ideas to help with redesigning an office space. I’m getting other ideas, too, for when I ultimately move out of this space. This book is good for that, to sit and plan and dream of what is possible.

As many of my long time readers know, I’ve had a lot of incarnations on studio space. I started out with a whole bedroom to myself for my studio and now I’m squeezing studio space into a 225 square foot room (with my bedroom and living area). And even that space has changed since I moved here over a year ago.

Remember this chaos?

And how it then moved to this, slightly less chaotic spot?

Added to that since has been the addition of my bulletin board for inspiration space to the left of the table/desk on the wall.

And yes, that’s the bulk of my stash (save for sock yarn which lives in its own container) under the table.

Speaking of stash, Interweave is having a huge contest. Here’s the details!

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Put this book on your wish list! You’ll be happy you did!