A lost week

I got hit with a nasty out of no where summer cold last week and it had me down for the count. I had a list of things I was going to get done last week and that entire to-do list got replaced with “rest, take meds, drink fluids, try to stop sneezing and coughing”. I do not make a good patient when I’m sick. 🙂

By Friday I was finally feeling well enough to get moving and pick up crochet again. Still could only do mindless patterns, but that was okay.

Today, I’m much better and we’re rebooting the week! So, new announcements.

Announcement #1:

Fearless Scarf is now available for purchase! If you missed getting this pattern after voting in the Annual Crochet Awards, you can buy it now!


Announcement #2:

Due to my illness and some other scheduling issues, my classes at Crochetville were pushed back another week. Therefore, there’s still time to sign up for them! They’ll be starting this Friday.

Classes scheduled:

1. Intro to Amigurumi: Are you in love with all the little crocheted figures and toys that are flooding the market right now? Unsure as to how to go about making them? Have no fear! If you can single crochet, you can make amigurumi. In this class we’ll go over the different types of amigurumi, the things you need to make them, where to find patterns, how to make the basic shape, and how to start designing your own.

2. Southern Lights Cowl: Cowls are all the rage this year, and mobius cowls even more so. Learn how to make this great mobius cowl in crochet without seaming. It looks more complicated than it is. You’ll love making these for yourself and for gifts. We’ll go over how to customize the size for yourself and you’ll also learn how to start a project without having to chain. Pattern included.

3. Intro to Felting: Intimidated by the thought of throwing perfectly good wool into a hot bath to shrink it? Want to know how different stitches will react to felting? Just need someone to give you permission to shrink that swatch? Then this is the class for you! We’ll make swatches in various stitch patterns and then shrink them on purpose, making notes of how they change.

4. Felted Coasters with Box: Simple and quick project using 100% wool to felt after making. Project includes pattern for coasters and a round box for storage.

I hope you’ll join me for one or more of these interesting classes!

Announcement #3:

A very large project that I worked on last year is now being revealed! The folks over at Caron yarns asked me to design a bunch of cool amigurumis for them and I’ve been very twitchy wanting to show them to you! One of them was released in the August 2011 issue of Crochet World, and now the rest will be revealed. You can follow along with them at the Caron Blog. I’ll post about them, too, as they get released!

That’s all from me for now. There’s a few other announcements I’m holding under my hat right now. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to talk about them, too. 🙂

Have a fabulous week everyone!