Still alive and a review

Hi everyone!

I want to start by first saying a heartfelt thank you to all of you. Really. The outpouring of support and encouragement that I’ve received over the last few weeks has been amazing. I was so very worried when I hit “publish post” on that last post that I would alienate myself from everyone. So, imagine my surprise when the comments (both here and on Facebook), tweets, and emails started pouring in. Y’all are amazing. And you made me cry, but in a good way. 🙂

Since I last spoke (typed?) with you, I’ve gone on a much needed vacation, finished up my last publication project, rearranged my entire room, and spent a lot of time thinking. That last one is often the hardest. Mostly ’cause I’m a hard core planner and I’m not sure where I’m going yet.

My vacation was awesome, but I won’t go into details here. As many of you know, I try very hard to keep this blog focused on the business end of things. I will say, though, that if you can get to St. Augustine, Florida, do it. We stayed for four days there and totally did the touristy thing. I bought a Colonial Loom while there and have been playing around with weaving. I will share a couple of fiber related pictures with you, though!

This is a cool huge floor loom that was in the government house. I’m sure it still works. I will tell you, after doing a bit of weaving on a frame loom, I can totally see how someone came up with the idea of automating as much of the process as possible. 🙂

We found this spinning wheel in one of the Dow Historic Homes. So neat!

Ok, so when I got home from vacation I finished up my publication project. This is where I want to share a bit of a review. Back when I was at TNNA, I received in my goody bag at the Designer Dinner a pair of the Crochet Dude Curved Blade Snips.

These snips? In one word? AWESOME.

They’re super sharp. They fit so well in the palm of your hand. And because the blades are curved, they can snug up against your project to snip your ends. These things are so cool and so simple and so awesome. They have honestly replaced my scissors in my work basket.

This year, if you have a crafter of any kind on your gift list (including seamstresses), buy them a pair of these. Honestly, they’re so cool. Drew really did a great thing coming up with these.

And finally, the rearranging. I’ve shared pics before of how my room was set up. It was mostly set up for what I call production style crochet. Which is what I’m trying to get out of for my own sanity. So, the room had to be changed. Tuesday was what I called Operation Room Flip on Twitter. I went from my studio space taking up 40% of my room to my room finally being a bedroom and living space. My worktable became my desk and is sitting in the corner of my room. It’s now maybe 10% of my room. I downsized my yarn and donated a lot of it to the charity crafting group at my church. I only kept the yarn that really spoke to me. Yarn I wanted to feature in my design line (or yarn that I had already tapped for my personal projects). And by the end of Tuesday? I was able to breathe again.

Last night an amazing thing happened. I was doing some final tweaks to my room and setting things up. And while doing that I thought, “You know, I need to make something to go right there. I think I even have those colors in my stash and can totally do it this way.” Nope, not going into details on what it was until I get it hashed out. But, it’s a great sign. The creativity is still flowing a bit. I just need to get the fingers to want to do it.

So, please continue the good thoughts. They’re working and I greatly appreciate it. Much love to all of you!