New pattern: Circling Accent Pillow

I do a lot of work for Coats and Clark (if y’all couldn’t tell) and sometimes I don’t know when a design I’ve done is going to be available to show you. A month ago or so, I got my copy of the catalog for the Aunt Lydia thread collection and saw two new patterns I’ve done for them in the catalog. The one (Square on Square Table Runner) was posted pretty quickly and I was able to share that with you right away. The other, I had to wait on.

Now, it’s not that I obsessively stalk their site to see when my designs will be posted. Having it as a bookmark on my computer is not stalking. 🙂

But, my persistence paid off yesterday when I found that the Circling Accent Pillow had been posted. (Here’s the Ravelry link)

Photo copyright Coats and Clark and used with permission

I love the way this turned out and how easily it can be customized for your home or any pillow. It’s also the perfect project for summer since all the motifs are made first and it’s in thread. We used four colors (one variegated and three coordinating colors), but I could also see this being made using up leftover thread from other projects. The sample is on a 20″ silk pillow, but you can easily make it for larger or smaller pillows by adding or taking out rows of motifs.

I hope you’ll enjoy this pattern and I can’t wait to see how you customize it for your home.

Also, a few housekeeping things:

1. Next week, I’ll be a stop on Ellen Gormley’s blog tour for her new book. I can’t wait to share this book with y’all. It’s awesome.

2. Late next week I’ll be heading to Columbus, OH for TNNA (a trade show), so I may not post the following week until later.

3. There is a sale going on until June 3rd…spend $10 in patterns and get 10% off the purchase. You need to go through my Ravelry page, but you can do that without signing up to Rav (but seriously, do that already!)….Ravelry page.

Have a wonderful week everyone!