Comfort Cables

I am so honored and excited to be able to share this info with you! First, though, some back story….

Last year, I was chatting with some of my designing friends and found out that Pam Gillette, fellow designer and cheerleader of crocheted cables, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. As anyone who’s read my blog for any length of time knows, we designers don’t make a lot of money. So a major medical crisis is terrifying.

We talked as a group about what we could do to show her we were there with her, sending her comfort and thoughts for a speedy recovery. The idea of a comfort-ghan was born. Now, being designers, we couldn’t just make some basic squares. We worked together to each design a cabled square (because of Pam’s love of cables).

We used Knit Picks Comfy Worsted (which is my new favorite cotton blend, by the way), and made them in colors she loved (silvery greys and a pale pink to signify her fight with breast cancer).

We weren’t content with just making a blanket, though. Come on, like you expect any different from us? We immediately decided we would write the pattern for the blanket, and approached Knit Picks about selling it through their site. We also decided easily as a group that we, the individual designers, wanted no money for this. We wanted the proceeds to go to Pam. All of them. Knit Picks agreed and we started working on the details.

Patterns written, tech edited, combined, introductions written, and all the photography and graphics were done and sent to Knit Picks. Meanwhile, we had already sent the blanket to Pam and she loved it. We were still sitting on the other information until we had to tell her (Knit Picks needed her info for the sales to go to her).

The pattern is now released and I’m proud to be able to share it with you!


20 pages
24 cabled designs
100% of proceeds go directly to Pam Gillette
Buy it here: Pam’s Comfort Cables Crochet Afghan


Project Coordinator: Tammy Hildebrand (honestly, she did amazing work putting the squares together and doing the edging….as well as keeping us all on task)

Designs By: Tracie Barrett, Angela Best, Gwen Blakley Kinsler, Vashti Braha, Bendy Carter, Robyn Chachula, Doris Chan, Drew Emborsky, Lisa Gentry, Ellen Gormley, Mary Jane Hall, Jill Hanratty, Tammy Hildebrand, Amy O’Neill Houck, Margaret Hubert, Kimberly Kotary, Marty Miller, Annie Modesitt, Diane Moyer, Kristin Omdahl, Dee Stanziano, Mary Beth Temple, Karen Ratto Whooley

Technical Editing: KJ Hay, Kimberly Kotary, Susan Lowman, Marty Miller, Annette Petavy

Graphics and Photos: Amie Hirtes

Introduction: Marty Miller, Diane Moyer

Yarn Support: Knit Picks

Financial Assistance: Dora Ohrenstein

And I’ll close with a few more photos to convince you. 🙂