Errata: Baby Cardigan WT2154

Ah, admitting mistakes…it’s the one thing we all hate to do. And yet, here I am about to do it.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on the neck shaping for the Baby Cardigan pattern available through Coats and Clark (WT2154) (Ravelry link).

Because a few people had made it without any trouble and when I looked at my notes they matched the pattern, I didn’t think there was a major problem.

Until I promised a crocheter that I’d swatch it up and do a photo tutorial to get through the shaping (hey, I’m always looking for great ideas for blog posts). And guess what? They were right.

So, I’ve alerted Coats & Clark to let them know, but here’s the changes. It’s really quite simple (which is likely how others were able to get this figured out without needing to contact me).

Basically, when you get to the “shape neck” section on the left front, swap rows 5 & 6. That will get your increases at the neckline like they should be, and then you’ll be good to go. When you do the right side, you’ll do the same thing, but with doing the rows the other way (reversing shaping) so the increases are also at the center.

I hope this helps everyone! Again, I’m so so sorry about that! I love seeing the little baby sweaters everyone is making, so I hope this makes it easier for many of you to make some more.

Happy crocheting all!