Organizing tool I love

Oh, I know, a rather boring topic. 🙂 But, next week I’m doing the Blog Week so the stuff I thought about talking about today will fit in the topics for that, and well, I needed to save it.

However, as I stated back in my designing series, organizing is a constant thing that always changes. Well, at least it does for me. I’m always finding new and better ways to organize my time, my space, my stuff.

Now, for those who know me well, know that I thrive on to do lists. I have multiple ones. Probably not the best option, but because I have a lot of different types of things going on, I need different lists for each one. I have a general master list, I have lists for each project, I have lists for each section of my business, and I have my weekly and daily to-do lists. What I didn’t have was one place where I could write down everything, move it around easily, edit easily, and have multiple sub tasks. I’ve tried every task manager I could find online and on my iPod. I also use a regular Day Timer, but this holds only my weekly and daily lists otherwise I get overwhelmed.

Last week I was reading through many of the blogs I follow, and the website Workflowy was mentioned. I checked it out because it was free and I was curious.

Well, I then spent the next hour setting up my list. I have everything I need to do written out. For me, my main “tasks” are: “Accepted Projects” (things with deadlines), “Fibers By Tracie line” (you know, ’cause this is the one thing that I end up letting go by the wayside when I get busy), “Submissions” (one of those many plates I have to keep spinning), “Classes” (since I’m working on my lesson plans), “Long Range Planning” (self explanatory), and then I have a couple other items that are more personal. Underneath each of these I have many many subtasks (and some going even deeper in subtasks).

The things I love about this website? Oh, let me count the ways:

1. I can expand and collapse as much as I want. So, I can show the one thing I’m working on as expanded and everything else doesn’t distract me.

2. I can have as many items as I want. There is no limit that I’ve found yet.

3. I can move items around. Sometimes due dates change, or something new comes in that’s due before something already on the list…now I can move things around with no trouble.

4. When something is done, I mark it as complete and a happy little line goes through it.

5. If I get too many crossed out things, I can hide completed items with the click of a button.

6. It automatically saves as I type. (Awesome!)

7. I can delete items easily.

8. It’s clean and streamlined and not cluttered by buttons and forms and all that.

9. It’s super easy to use.

10. It fits my needs.

Yeah. No, I’m not being paid by them. I’m just so incredibly happy to find something that works for the way my brain works. When I tweeted about this the day after I found it, one of my designing friends commented “It’s like having my brain on paper”. Yes. This. Exactly.

Now, it is not a time management tool. This is not a scheduler. It’s not a calender. It is simply a dynamic to-do list.

And that’s all I need. I use a paper calendar backed up with a Google calender. Yes, I somewhat believe in redundancy in my scheduling programs. But that’s my issue. 🙂

So, if you’re like me and love to-do lists, but need something to hold your entire “brain”, then give this a try. It’s free, and it works.