Comfy chairs make all the difference

Because I’m slammed with deadlines and can’t talk about anything I’m working on right now AND in honor of that made up holiday coming up, this is a post about my newest love.

My job involves a lot of sitting. A lot of sitting. So it’s important that I have a good chair. When I moved home, I had to put my studio and my bedroom all in the same room (a 225 sq ft room). As I showed in the past, in my studio side I have a big work table and a desk and a decent office chair. It’s got decent support, for sitting at the computer or the work table for short periods of time. Well, short as in a couple of hours or so.

Some of the projects I’ve done have required me to sit at the work table to do them. Either I need to spread it out and let the table hold the weight (huge afghans in the summer here in Florida) or I needed to do a lot of detail joining or what I call “fiddly” work. So at those times I’ve had to sit in the office chair to work.

The problem came in when I had nice easy mindless crochet to do or I was trying to crochet at night for myself. Sitting in my bed wasn’t comfortable, and the original sofa I had shoved in here just wasn’t comfortable. So I found myself sitting in the office chair, trying to relax, and only thinking about work.

Last week I finally decided to give it up. I put my sofa on Freecycle (and it was gone the next day) and found it a new home. My mother and I went that night to our local Rooms To Go and I sat in every chair they had. Every chair. Mom thought it was funny to watch me sit down, wiggle in, hold my hands in proper crochet position, and then pop back out dismissing it.

I felt like Goldilocks. For those who’ve never met me in public, I’m short. I’m 5’4″. I’m “long waisted” which means that what little height I have is in my torso (don’t even get me started on clothing…this is why growing up almost everything was made by my mom) and my legs are short. Most chairs I sat in I was unable to touch the ground. This is problematic because I won’t sit correctly if I can’t touch the ground. Most of the chairs were also too big for me. There was no way I could rest my elbows on the arms of the chair. Some chairs were too stiff, some too soft. I settled on one that came with an ottoman, but wasn’t pleased with how it looked or sat (but it was one of the few that actually fit me).

Until I finally sat in the last chair. Mom said she could tell by the look on my face that it was the one as soon as I sat down. It fit. It’s just wide enough for me to be comfortable but still reach the low arms. That’s another thing, the arms aren’t so high that they’re in the way, but high enough I can rest my arms on them. My feet actually touched the ground. And bonus, it’s a recliner. Comfy chair perfection. We bought it right then and scheduled to have it delivered in two days.

Now, when it arrived, I had to shuffle the room a bit. My big storage unit is now on the other side of the room, but it works there. My chair sits right in front of the work table, which helps because I can reach things on my work table if I need them.

The first day I sat in it I noticed my back started to hurt. I was worried at first and then I realized…for the first time in I can’t remember when I was sitting with proper support on my back. See, this chair has great lower back support. And my posture stinks from sitting in bad chairs for so long.

I love this chair so so much. Here’s a photo of my new love, tucked in the corner by the door to my room. Disregard all the stuff to the side of the chair. I’m still organizing a bit and one of those bags is the “watching TV and unwinding project”.

For those interested, it’s the Avelar Recliner in Peat at Rooms to Go

Next week this chair will feature in a blog post. The other night I helped my sister make a custom dress form using duct tape. I will blog about this process, but first I have to edit all the photos (I promised her I’d remove her face). And there’s a great pic of her sitting in the chair trying to breathe. We might have gotten it a bit tight. So, I’ll work on that over the weekend and you’ll see that post next week.

Until then, have a fabulous week and a great weekend. Show everyone you love that you love them…and do it every day…not just on the commercial holidays. 🙂