I’m going to be teaching at Chain Link!

Finally, I can announce my big announcement!

I’m going to be teaching three classes this summer at Chain Link (aka the Knit and Crochet Show) in Manchester, NH, July 8-10th.

Here’s what I’ll be teaching (with links to the descriptions on the K&C page):

T102C-Ami, Ama, the little Crocheted Toys! (Crochet) This class will be Thursday AM from 9am to noon. If you’ve ever wanted to make those cute little amigurumi and wondered how to get started, then take this class! We’ll go over the basic tools, the various types, how to read symbol only ami charts, and how to design and make your own. It’ll be lots of fun so come on out!

F212C-Broomstick Lace Cloth (Crochet) This class will be Friday PM from 2pm-5pm. This class is based on my Broomstick Lace Cloth pattern and will be a great intro to broomstick lace. We’ll be doing the project in class and depending on how quick you crochet (and catch on), you could have a finished project by the end!

S308C-Everything You Wanted To Know About Felting, But Were Afraid To Ask (Crochet) This class will be all day Saturday. I’m the most excited about this class. If you’ve ever been intimidated by felting, come take this class. We’ll be felting in class! We’ll also go over different stitch patterns and how they are affected by felting. We’ll also explore color and how it affects the felting process.

I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to teach and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone up at Chain Link!!!! I hope you’ll make plans to be there, too!