Friday night started the winter version of Ravelympics. I know I hadn’t mentioned it on here, but I am participating again this year. I’m a proud member of Team Flaming Hooks (a Crochet Liberation Front Ravelympics team). This time I’m competing in the Short Track Shawls event with the Beaded Thistle Shawl by Mary Beth Temple. It’s a stunning shawl done in Swiss Mohair by Universal Yarn. And it has pretty beads on it.

The “kids”* bought me the kit for the holidays this year and I’d been holding on to it for Ravelympics. They got it for me in the pretty purple color (and no, you can’t have it in purple ’cause they’re all sold out even back to Universal Yarn…but there are other colors available!). See, here’s my kit:

Day one started Friday night at 9pm here. My brother had come over for dinner and some Lego Rock Band prior to that. I played for about an hour and then headed into the studio. He and John kept playing for another hour or so. By the time we went to bed around midnight, I’d gotten a few rows done. Here’s what my progress looked like at the end of day 1:

Yesterday I ended up having quite a bit of time to work on the project and putting the beads on is getting a lot easier. And since each row is a short row, it gets quicker each time. I’m hoping today’s progress will get me close to the finish line. Here’s my pic from last night showing day two’s progress:

I’ll post again tomorrow with progress from today. I’m working a half day tomorrow since it’s a holiday here (and John’s home from work) so if I don’t finish it today, I hope to get it done by tomorrow.

* Yes, I know, the cats and the dog don’t have access to a bank account or the internet, but work with me here.