Congrats to the Drawing Winner!

Thank you for everyone who entered my first giveaway here on the blog!

If you didn’t go back to read the entries, you should. There’s some great resolutions out there!

Now, thanks to, here is our winner:

Leslie said…

Hmmm, let’s see…..I’ve got a HUGE stash of yarn and I really would like to get rid of it! I’m thinking baby hats, because they’re so quick. Plus, the more I make, the more I get to donate. I would also like to organize all these pieces of paper containing all these patterns I just HAD to print out. I guess I’m just a tactic, visual person because, even though I have them saved in the computer, I love having them printed out to look through from time to time. That’s probably enough for now.

Congrats Leslie!!!! Please email me at fibersbytracie at gmail dot com!

I hope to do some more drawings throughout the year, but a lot will depend on what I have to give away. Please stay tuned!

In other news, keep an eye out. One of my resolutions is to put out new patterns in the Fibers By Tracie line on a regular basis. This month’s pattern may be a quick one but appropriate for this weather! Speaking of weather, I’m not sure if everyone is paying attention, but it is currently colder in Florida than it is in Washington (thanks to Fearless Leader aka Laurie Wheeler letting me know that). Gah! I’ll be crocheting to stay warm this weekend as we are on snow watch here!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!