Button Spiderweb Scarf

Yeah, yeah, I know….it’s suddenly the end of October and I haven’t posted in weeks. Sorry about that. Been busy, all with stuff I can’t show you.

Until now!

That’s the new Button Spiderweb Scarf available on the Coats and Clark website. (Ravelry link here).

I’m so excited to have this pattern published by Coats and Clark. It has an interesting story, this scarf does. See, this scarf has been rejected two times before getting picked up by Coats and Clark. I took the swatch (which happened to be the same length as this little scarf) with me to Buffalo and showed it during the Meet and Greet. Coats picked it up for review and when they came back to me to pick it up, they decided on doing it as a smaller scarf. So my “swatch” was the perfect length to do this little scarflette.

I love this pattern and believed in it and refused to give up on it. And I actually like it better as the smaller buttoned scarf than as a full length scarf. In this size it uses one skein of Red Heart Soft yarn. It works up super quick and is a great last minute gift. Because it’s short, it’s perfect for those of us down here in the warmer climes to use for decoration or to keep just a bit of the chill off our necks (without feeling silly with a long scarf on).

I do hope you enjoy this pattern! If you make your own, please post them on Ravelry as I love seeing everyone’s interpretations of my patterns. What? You’re not on Ravelry? Well, if you crochet or knit and like to keep track of your projects, you should be! And there isn’t a waiting list anymore, so come on in!

More stuff to come, there’s another pattern of mine out in Crochet World, but I need to get pics off my camera first. 🙂 I’ve been a bit lazy about that, sorry. Again with all the crazy busy work (which is great for paying bills, not so much for posting blog entries)!

Have a happy Halloween and see everyone in November!