Overview update

Since I’m avoiding writing a pattern, how about a post with pics about Chainlink? 🙂

It all started very very early in the morning on Tuesday. John had to drop me at the airport before work so I had to get up at 5:30am. I was at the airport by 6:30. And then I waited. Margarita got there around 7:30 and after getting her mom checked in on her flight (she was leaving for Rochester just before we left for Buffalo), she came to check in with me. Then we hit security and got to the gate where I finally got some coffee.

We got on our plane on time and settled in to our seats. Here’s out “going to conference” pic:

We got to Boston (our first stop) with no trouble. But then that plane was late. So we sat and dealt with brat children sitting next to us. Seriously, the mom dropped them off by the outlets so they could charge their game and dvd systems and then she went to sit somewhere else. The kids had a nanny who wasn’t really watching them either. These children were brats. Gah.

Our flight finally arrived and it was small enough that while we were separated by an aisle, we didn’t have anyone next to us on either side. It was nice. We got our luggage pretty quickly and headed out to grab a taxi to the hotel (the shuttle had just left and this was about the same price).

Our room was pretty nice. Here’s some shots of the room (taken some other time during the week):

We wandered downstairs after we got checked in and found a whole group of people. We met up with Mary Beth Temple and her daughter (Little Loopy) and grabbed dinner down the street. We found a place that served chocolate martinis (if you were following our Twitter updates back and forth before Chain Link, this was a topic of discussion) before heading back to the hotel. When we got back there we found Vashti, Doris, Drew, and a bunch of other people. We then decided there was no time like the present to head back to the Chocolate Bar (yes, this is what it was called). That would be a strawberry something or other and raspberry truffle martini. The raspberry one is mine. The strawberry one was Margarita’s.

That night we also met and hung out with Dee, Amy from Crochetville, Kim K, and Dee’s family. It was a fun time and great to meet everyone.

Wednesday morning came bright and early. And I learned that it’s really important to block cotton items a bit earlier than midnight the night before you are going to wear it. Yeah, thank goodness for a hair dryer in the room. And I still went to Professional Development Day with a slightly wet top. And because of that I forgot to grab my camera. The day was great, though. I learned a lot, met some of the members of the online CGOA chapter that I’m a member of, and touched base with some people. I met Margaret Hubert, which was really cool for me. 🙂 I also got to meet my mentee, Linda. It was nice to finally put a face to the name and we sat together at lunch and chatted.

I skipped out on the last two breakout sessions in the afternoon because I was just so tired. I came back (with camera) and was able to get a pic with Linda (she was only going to be there on Wednesday).

That evening I had dinner with an editor (not sure if it’s cool to say who, so we’ll leave it at that) and then went over some design ideas. It was a great meeting and I was happy to sit and chat with her about other things over dinner.

Margarita went to Rochester during the day on Wednesday so I waited for her to get back that evening. It was during this time that I discovered that most of the vending machines were sold out of soda (I only checked 5 floors, but they were all sold out) and the gift shop was closed. When Margarita got back we went wandering looking for a store, but nothing was open. Such a culture shock to see places roll up after 5pm.

Thursday morning we got up and headed down to the lounge. I had one class and Margarita had a full day of classes. Here’s a picture of us in the lounge waiting for class to begin:

And yes, that’s the green baby doll top. I finished weaving in the ends Wednesday night. I wish I had brought more yarn with me as I need to tighten the neckline up a bit more. I’ll do that in the next couple of days.

My class on Fine Shaping with Lily Chin was great. A lot of it was a “duh” moment since she is able to explain things so well and they make perfect sense once she does.

After class I met Margarita for lunch and we wandered down to the farmer’s market a few blocks down. I bought Midnight some homemade dog treats since I’d heard he was being a good boy while I was gone (he’s right back to being whiny for me, so maybe it wasn’t a good plan). I had my first street vendor hot dog. Yes, I know, everyone’s shocked. But hi, I grew up in Florida. We didn’t have them where I grew up. 🙂 We also had a quick meeting with the online chapter.

After lunch I met up with Mary Beth to go over the technical bits for the Getting Loopy show that was going to be that night. Since it was too much of a hassle to get internet at the convention center, my idea was for me to sit in the room and run the switchboard while she was on the show floor doing interviews and such. So we had a quick overview and sat and chatted for a bit. Then she took off to take care of something and I worked on sewing and weaving in ends on the top for Friday (have you noticed a trend yet?).

When Margarita got out of class we stopped and picked up soda and snacks at a food mart near the hotel and then tried to get dinner. We were going to eat in the hotel but the service was really slow. We ended up eating the appetizer super fast and getting our dinner packaged to go. While waiting on the checks to go through, I ran upstairs and dropped everything off. Once we paid, we ran over to the convention center for the design contest announcements. That’s when I found out I won honorable mention for the corset top. As soon as that was over, I had to run right back to the hotel to get the show set up. Here’s a very blurry shot of the final winners of the fashion division (including the grand prize winner). Sorry for the blurry shot, I was still shaking from winning.

The show went pretty well. Only a few technical glitches since the internet was so slow. After the show was done, we ran back to the convention center for the market preview and to see Mary Beth who was doing a book signing for her new book from Leisure Arts: DIY Afghans. I got a pic of my entry on the wall with the other entries:

We picked up our books, chatted with Mary Beth, wandered the market, then headed back to the room so I could actually eat dinner. I finished the tank top and then we went to bed.

Friday morning was another early day. This was my all day class with Lily Chin on crocheting from the top down. SO much information. But it was great. I really think this will help my design career go in another direction. It all made so much sense to me. Now to start putting the information to work!

During the lunch break we went and had some great open sandwiches at a little Greek place around the corner. When we came back, I got a pic with Drew before heading up to the market. Yes, I was wearing a lot of crochet that day. I had on my bamboo tank, the sample shrug from the book, and my summer beret:

Side note, yes, I’m short, but he’s really tall, too. And it was so nice to finally meet and chat in person. After that we went upstairs and I dropped a nice chunk of cash at the Tulip hooks booth for my new Tulip Etimo hook set (pictures of all my goodies will be another post). These hooks are so awesome. I love them.

After that I headed back to class and had my brain fried a bit more with tons of great information. So thrilled to finally learn all this information.

I met up with Margarita (she was in the room) and we headed downstairs for the CGOA member meeting. It went pretty quick and then we stood and chatted with a few people before heading out for dinner. I got a picture with Charles (aka StitchStud on Ravelry and Twitter) before he headed out:

Then Margarita dragged me out for dinner (otherwise I would have stood there talking all night). After walking down the street to the place we thought we would go, we turned around. It had a long line and was full of partying kids (wow, I sound old). We ended up at TGIFriday’s and had a nice meal. We got back and crashed a bit. At one point we headed downstairs for a bit and I stayed down there to chat with some people.

Saturday I finally got to sleep in. I still had to weave in about 50billion ends on my blue tank top, but I got it done in time to head downstairs. I didn’t get coffee, which made me sad, but I had to get down to the convention center for Designer Meet and Greet. Margarita got a picture of me in front of my entry and you can see my blue tank top:

I stood in line for the meet and greet and after 3 rounds in line (after you meet with someone you get back in line) I was done. There were still a few people to talk to, but I was out of things to show. Everything I took ended up being picked up for review. Sweet!

After that I found Margarita, got a book signed by Drew, and then succumbed and bought a Nantucket bag (again, pics on that stuff tomorrow) in purple. 🙂 Then we went to this great little coffee place called The Spot and had a yummy lunch and sat and crocheted for a bit. It was looking like it would rain so we headed back to the hotel and started getting ready for the dinner.

We found a place to sit and relax and I crocheted while Margarita just rested. She was crocheted out. 🙂 I ran into Kim Guzman and got a pic with her outside:

Then we headed in. Because I was modeling, I couldn’t sit with Margarita. 🙁 That made me sad, but I enjoyed chatting with the group I was sitting with. Then it was time to get up and go get ready. I changed into a green lacy tank top that would match the shrug. Andee and I stood in the dressing room and quietly chatted while we waited to show off our items. Then it was finally my turn. I got on stage and heard people cheering. That threw me. LOL! Margarita got a couple of pics (her camera was having issues in the dim light and all the movement) of me on the runway:

Then, just like that it was over. 🙂 After the dinner a group of us headed back to the Chocolate Bar to celebrate Mary Beth’s birthday.

Here’s a shot of Margarita and I:

After the very loud and very fun party, we went to leave. Only it was pouring rain. Now, Margarita and I are from here and this is totally normal. So we headed out. Elisa and Amy went with us and we walked the few blocks back to the hotel. Here’s a pic of us all in the elevator soaking wet from the rain:

We got up Sunday morning and headed to the airport. We got there so early we had to wait to check in. Once we did, we headed to the gate and the food court and sat comfortably in a booth and watched a movie on Margarita’s laptop. Then it started storming. Bad. Our flight was delayed by nearly an hour. Once we got to JFK we found that flight was also delayed. They said it was only by 45 minutes, but it became a lot more. Then we sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes. We finally got to our airport just after midnight. John picked me up and we got home around 1am.

I spent yesterday on the sofa sleeping off and on. Today I’m feeling a bit better. Still coughing (picked something up while there), and still tired, but I’m upright more. 🙂 I still need to unpack and now I need to write a pattern. So much for taking some time off. LOL!

There will be another post later with all my goodies. Right now, this one post has taken me nearly an hour to write. Later!