Busy Friday

I finally sat down today and updated the Fibers By Tracie website. It wasn’t hard, it’s just very detail oriented and can be a bit mind-numbing since I write all the code for the website. Yes, fear me, I know HTML and how to sorta use it. 🙂

So here’s the changes, broken down by page:

Main page: Added my award, updated my status with CGOA, updated relationship status (since we’re engaged), and added a listing of my published designs.
Lessons: Just needed to clean up how that one was written. Over the last few updates I’ve been just deleting stuff that wasn’t valid and never really went about actually editing it. So I did. It reads a lot cleaner now.
Pattern pages: Learned something new last week. Text in tables is not searchable by search engines. Who knew? Well, someone other than me until last week. So I went through and put in links (which also help take you right to the pattern you’re looking for instead of scrolling down through a long page) which ARE searchable. 🙂 I also updated my links to Ravelry to make sure those were all correct.

With the website done (and all changes uploaded and checked), I headed into the studio. I’ve been working on one idea for the Design Contest. But I’m not thrilled with it. I’m happy with it, but I just don’t see it as being a contender at all. So last night as I tried to get to sleep, my brain kept turning around my other idea. This morning I started working on it. I think it’s going to be a better contender. I might still send both in, or I’ll redo the first one for a child (hey, smaller, less crocheting) and submit to two categories.

Now I’m waiting on John to decide what we’re doing for lunch. Then it’ll be back to work on that. Have a good weekend if I don’t post before then!