This week has flown by!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve updated. Sorry about that. Really.

But, I can show you some pictures!

Those would be my latest pair of socks. I learned an important lesson while making these. Namely, one should always write down what one has done to “personalize” a pattern because one never knows how long it will take to get to the second sock. Good thing I can read my own crochet. Two months went by between sock #1 and sock #2.

That’s a doily slouchy hat. It started as a “quick” project for instant gratification. And then I put it down and got busy and it took me another couple of weeks to get back to it. Story of my life. 🙂

Oh, and here’s my latest WIP:

That’s the beginning of the Cap Sleeve Top from Crochet That Fits. It’s being made in sparkly blue Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour. It’s the first garment I’m making for conference. 🙂 I’ve got a few other in mind, I just have to find time.

Speaking of conference, registration opened today. Have I registered? Nope. Waiting on some income to come in so I can pay for the classes I want to take and all that. Fingers crossed the classes I want don’t sell out! And no, putting on a credit card is not an option right now. We’ve been working hard to pay bills down and I don’t want to add to that by putting the trip on plastic. So, I’ll wait. I should be able to pay for everything I need when my next bit of income comes in.

Anyway, on the slate for this week is finishing up some designs for submission (including my first “real” garment) and a design for self-publication. I also need to write an article and submit it as well. And do one final look at the taxes before sending them off.

Have a great week everyone!