Whew, what a week!

Sorry about the lack of posting. John’s been home this week and well, after four months of only seeing him on weekends, spending time with him has been way more important than updating this. 🙂

Also I’ve been busy cleaning and organizing and now can finally show you my studio!

Tuesday we picked up a new laptop for me. It was on clearance and was just such a great deal we couldn’t turn it down. So now I have a shiny new fast laptop. 🙂

Wednesday we went and picked up the file cabinets and a pretty piece of wood for a new desk for me.

Yesterday was a wash because I had a migraine so I spent most of the day on the sofa.

Today we went and picked up a few desk things (and a week long dry erase board with a tack strip) and I finished the organization.

So, here are the pictures of the new studio. 🙂 With a few things blocked out ’cause they contain super secret info.

This is the view from my doorway:

Here’s the view of my new desk with the white board and weekly white board above it. I have my plastic organizing drawers to the side and into the corner.

In the corner by the desk you can see my photo/note holder. It holds pictures of my loved ones, things that inspire me, and notes and such.

The next corner I have my crochet chair and side table. Yes, that’s a lava lamp. 🙂 It’s a great corner to sit in because throughout most of the day I have great natural light.

Along the other wall (behind me when I’m sitting at the desk) is my fold out table and bookcases. It’s also where my bulletin board is where I tack up swatches to look at them for a while. Also, my TV is in the corner where my two cubbies meet. One cubbie works as a bookcase while the other holds my “inspirational” yarn.

Here is the picture of behind the door. I have an over the door hook to hang my bags on there. I love bags.

And here is where all the rest of my yarn lives. Inside the closet in carefully labeled bins.

Oh, and the picture of my newest bit of decoration…a greyhound rug that likes to put himself right behind my desk chair or right in the middle of the floor.

Okay, I’m off. From the sounds of it, John will be home for at least another week, although he might be at some kind of training next week. We’re not sure yet. Have a great weekend!