Catching up…lots of pictures

Yesterday morning I finished the project for the yarn company, wove in all the ends, and packaged it to go to the post office (which I will be doing shortly). Here’s a closeup of it:

After I finished that I got started on the hat for Andrea’s hat and scarf she’s ordered. I’m using my Beatrice Hat pattern and will be designing a scarf to match it for her. I’m using Cascade 220 in Mystic Purple and black. I think it’s turning out pretty good. Here’s the progress picture after day 1:

Last night I finished the first of the pair of socks now known as the Pensacola socks since that’s where John was when he got the yarn for me. I love this yarn. It’s soft and springy and the socks fit perfectly:

Oh, and the next project after I finish the hat and scarf is to start on SSP#4…the yarn came the other day. Wanna see?

There must be something going on at the Air Force base in Tampa. Between yesterday and today I’ve heard 4 large planes go over our house. We’re not on a typical flight path for commercial planes, but John told me last time I heard this that it’s flights coming and going from the base. It still freaks me out because they sound like they’re trying to land on our house.

I’ve had to redo my work schedule. I’m working full days Monday through Thursday and then half days on Fridays. Friday afternoons will be my major housecleaning day (rather than pushing it to the weekend as I usually do) so the house is all clean and the housework is all done before John gets home from his trips. I am, however, likely taking this Monday off. It’s a holiday, and I told myself I’d take holidays off. Plus, I’m not sure I’ll be in the mood to do work stuff. This week John leaves on Sunday afternoon to have time to get up there and find his hotel and the site and all that. So I’m a wee bit cranky about that figure Monday would be best for me to just sit and do stuff for me that day. If I’m in an okay mood, then I’ll work on work stuff.

Okay, time to get another cup of coffee before running up to the post office to send off the package for the yarn company. Have a good day, everyone!