Ravelympics Day Two Report

Day two concluded with the entire body of the sweater being done. Even with being gone for a few hours.

I got up yesterday morning and started right on the sweater. I finished the skirt just before I left to go to lunch. When I returned I did the “evenly space 96 slip stitches” along the top of the skirt. Then it was time to start the body and get the back done. By 7pm I was finished with the back.

I then moved to the front and finished it by 10pm last night.

We did have a case of attempted sabotage because a certain black and white kitty here decided that she wanted to steal my bamboo hook while I was out talking to John. I came back in and found the sweater had been knocked over. I thought for a minute that perhaps it was from placing it wrong on the sofa. Then I realized I couldn’t find my hook. Katrinka ran from the hallway to under the coffee table when I walked in. I decided to go see if maybe she had stolen the hook. And she had. Little brat was sitting there “guarding” the bamboo hook. So I chased her around the house for a good 10 minutes. She hissed at me, I hissed back at her, it was a good time.

It didn’t deter me, and like I said, I was able to finish the body of the sweater. I’m slightly freaking out because it doesn’t look like it’s going to fit. But, I haven’t started seaming yet, and from what I can tell, the body isn’t seamed together at front and back. The sleeves get set in and that seems like it will make it fit. And yes, I am dead on for gauge…even using the yarn called for…and I’m making a larger size than needed so it will be looser fit. We’ll see. I’m going to follow my advice I give everyone else and trust the pattern.

Today’s plan is to hopefully cross the finish line. I have sleeves and assembly to do today. So far there are two people who have crossed the finish line in Sweater Sprint. BUT….they’ve been making shrugs. I’m still hoping I can be the first full sweater to cross.

Here’s the pic I took this morning of the progress after Day Two: