Ravelympics – Day 3 Report

I had hoped to finish my sweater yesterday. However, after finishing one sleeve I found that I had put the top of the sleeve on the wrong side. Yeah. When did I find that out? When I cut the yarn at the end of it. *sigh*

So thankfully Margarita was over to crochet and watch Gilmore Girls on DVD. She talked me down from throwing it across the room (this is my most used method of dealing with stress…crochet, sewing, cross stitch….these things have all at some point flown across a room). I walked out to the garage to visit with John and calm down before coming back in to just start the second sleeve.

I got the second sleeve done and then went back to fix the problem in the first sleeve. I finished that at 11pm last night. Too tired to try to do assembly.

This morning I got up and did the sleeve trim and seam on one sleeve. Then it was time to get to work so it all got put back into the bag and will be worked on later today….after I finish my work. All I have left to do is to trim the hem edge, trim the second sleeve, sew up the sleeve seam, the side seam, the two shoulder seams, and then set the sleeves in (my least favorite part). Then I have a bit of neck trim and tacking down the collar. Then comes my most least favorite part of weaving in the ends. I typically do so well when I’m working on work stuff, but personal stuff I always end up waiting to the end.

I’m hoping to get done with work stuff by 5pm so I can have plenty of time to work on the sweater and hopefully finish tonight.

Speaking of, I finished my work on SSP#2 for this morning so I now need to get part one of six of my yarn company project done. Happy Monday!