Lots of things

My lunch appointment yesterday got rescheduled for Monday. Yeah, I don’t miss that job at all……the lunch is with my former boss so we can catch up (we were great friends while I worked with him) and he got slammed with stuff yesterday and couldn’t break away. The next day our schedules work together is Monday. So we’ll see.

All the ends are woven in on the yarn company project, and all it needs now is a quick light blocking and then packaged to go. I’m waiting for a return email from my contact there so I send it to the right place.

I have 2 back to back lessons today at the shop. I’ve got the lesson plans typed up and all that and ready to go. I need to crochet up a few samples for the first lesson before I leave.

But…great news….I just got word that another design has been accepted! They’re figuring out the yarn and all that now and I should hear something more soon. 🙂 This is an awesome feeling. I wonder if the excitement goes away after a while. ‘Cause right now every single design that is accepted makes me happy and giddy.

Tonight I’m hoping to finish up my sweater for Ravelympics. Last night I was able to get the second sleeve sewn in and started weaving in ends. I only have to finish the neck edging and then weave in a few more ends. It could very well get finished tonight!

Anyway, I need to go finish up my work. Our skies still look like a storm is here. It rained last night and looks like it might rain today but I don’t know if it will.

Have a great day!