Crossed the finish line!

It’s done!

No, there won’t be a pic of me in it until January. It’s already 83 degrees outside and it’s only 9:15am. This sweater is very very very warm.

I’m pleased it’s done. Now I can get back to focusing on SSP#2. Which, as of last night, was completely together and one side of the edging is completely done. All four rows. So, here’s the thing. I was playing around with the edging and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do and how it would look. Rather than going all the way around and then end up ripping something out, I decided to join each of the colors and kinda work them at the same time (no, this isn’t what I expect the crocheter to do…it’s just faster for me). Basically I work part of the way in the first row, then go back and pick up the loop for the second row, work up to just before the end of the first row, and repeat for all 4 colors. 🙂 Since I’m working this with it laying out on the dining room table, this seems to be the most efficient way to do it. I think I should be able to be done today. Then tomorrow will be the final weaving in of ends and one final blocking. Then Monday will be the final tweaking of the pattern and ship on Tuesday. Whew.

Well, time for coffee and to start housework before I work on SSP#2.