End of week update

Thursday morning I woke up still a bit stiff from the near fall on Tuesday. As I was getting ready to start my work day, Debbie called and I found out that I wouldn’t have to go down there on Friday to do the photography. Which was a big weight off my mind as I was a bit worried about moving around and up and down and such if I was still a bit stiff. So I decided to take the day off.

I worked on a shawl (Blue Curacao from Doris Chan) and generally had a lazy day. No pics yet as I want to get it done first. 🙂

Our A/C started giving us more problems (I had noticed that it was getting warm during the day but chalked it up to it being so blasted hot outside) on Thursday night. By bedtime it was still 82 degrees in the house. So John stayed home on Friday to start making calls to get it fixed.

We ended up on standby service on Friday with the company that installed it (since the unit itself still had a warranty). We kept the blinds shut, the ceiling fans on, and tried not to move too much. It was not a day for crocheting.

We ran out to get lunch (too hot to try to cook) and swung through Lowe’s because John needed some screws for the transmission of his bike. They had a 44″ ceiling fan with light kit on sale for $49 so we picked up it and a remote unit (we have the bedroom fan on remote and it’s awesome). Got home and John installed it in my studio for me. It’s awesome.

That afternoon we got the phone call that they weren’t able to fit us in, but had us scheduled for 8am on Saturday. Okay, we’d make that work. We grilled burgers outside and again just sat and tried not to move around too much.

I did, however, start on a birthday gift for Margarita. We were going to her birthday party the next day and I just felt like I should make her something. I kept going back to the Initial Design from the “Your Name and More in Filet Crochet” leaflet that I had. So I decided to do it. But not in thread. I wanted to make it in blue since it’s her favorite color, but I only had that in size 3 fashion thread. So I did it in that.

Started it around 7pm, worked until midnight and then went to bed. I got up this morning at 7 and after taking care of morning duties with the animals I got back to it. I finished it at 9:15am. I finished just as the A/C guy was finishing up (he arrived right at 8am). I was able to get it blocked and wrapped in plenty of time to leave.

Oh, and the A/C….we were low on coolant and the valve was busted. Thankfully, the valve (a $300 part) was covered under warranty. The coolant and service call weren’t, so that did cost us a bit over $300, but it could have been worse. And the house cooled down quickly and felt wonderful. We think the valve had been going out for a while because my studio is the coolest it’s been since I started wanting to work in there.

Okay, so here’s what you come to this blog for. The picture of the birthday gift. 🙂

I made her open the gift before we left (it was an all day party and we left shortly after cake) so I could see if she liked it. 🙂 She loved it. I’m glad. I know she tends to give away most of her doilies she makes, so it was nice to make something for her that she could keep. 🙂

Tonight we’re just resting. Not sure the plans for tomorrow but I may try to finish the sock I’m working on. Tonight I think I’m going to see about finishing the shawl. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!