Working working working

The house is lovely and cool and makes me think we’d been having issues with the a/c being clogged for a few weeks now. I haven’t had to turn the air down to a comfortable temp (which I was having to do in the middle of the day to try to keep up with how hot it was). It’s wonderful.

Today’s work has been on the broomstick lace wrap. I decided the other day (with the input of John) that instead of making it all in one direction, I’m going half way this way and then will turn around, rejoin to the foundation chain, and do the same amount in the other direction. This should give a cool look to how the twirly parts look as it’s hanging on your shoulders. Plus, it’s a much better mind game to know I only have one more pattern repeat before I’m done with this half. 🙂 Hey, sometimes it’s the mind games that keep me going.

I’m a little stiff today. Did an exercise video yesterday that nearly wiped me out. So I’m sitting correctly today and stretching every ten to twenty minutes. It’s making work a little slow going, but I’m getting it done.

I’m hoping to get done with this half and get started on the other half by the end of the day. John’s working late again tonight so when I break for dinner, then I’ll try to finish up the afghan I’m making. I’m on the first round of a three round edging. Hopefully I can get it done either tonight or tomorrow night.

I may post pictures tonight or tomorrow. Depends on what kind of progress I’ve made. Lunch time is over, time to get back to work!