Hard to crochet when it’s hot

Our a/c has been on the fritz over the last few days. I’d almost be willing to say a week or more simply by the difference I feel now. So not a lot of crocheting got done today. Really hard to work in wool when it’s 80 degrees in your house. That’s with a window open and a breeze coming through.

John got home from work tonight and blasted compressed air, water from the hose, and then about a cup of bleach down one of the PVC tubes coming off the unit in the garage. A whole pile of nasty looking brown algae ended up out by the door to the garage where the drain comes out. We apparently had a blockage.

It’s now been about 45 minutes since he fixed it and this is the coolest the house has been in probably a week or more.

Tomorrow should be a productive crocheting day! 🙂