Delay in pattern coming

So I was going to have a pattern to post tonight for sale. That has been delayed for a multitude of reasons (ah, the joys of working from home):

1. Midnight wouldn’t eat this morning. At all. Not a bit, so I was worried about that and had to keep getting up and dealing with trying to get him to eat.

2. I got the item finished and felted but part of it needs to go longer.

3. John stayed home and we went to lunch and ran a couple of errands.

4. We got home and Midnight had gotten sick a bit on his blankets.

5. Our washing machine is now tied up with washing comforters and blankets.

6. It’s about to storm here so I’m not about to shove my hands under water to hand felt it.

Midnight’s better now…he ate dinner okay. I’m holding off his pills tonight (he didn’t get them at breakfast either) so his stomach can settle down.

Well, I better get off of here ’cause the storm is bearing down. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can finish felting part of the design and I can have it up here. 🙂