Stitching away

This week (already) has been one of those that proves to me how hard designers work. Just to get submission proposals put together is a full time job. I just finished doing all the crocheting for one (#128 on my spreadsheet) and it’s blocking. I’ve done all the math (ew, hard….really, I should have paid more attention in school) and have the pattern mostly written. Now I’m getting ready to work on the next idea (#129 on my spreadsheet). I’m hoping to finish the sample swatch today.

Tomorrow will be all computer work. I need to sit down with the drawing program and get the charts made for these. I also need to knock out the smaller one I want to get out with this run to the Post Office.

So yeah, busy busy days. I did manage to run the self-cleaning cycle on the oven (our temps dropped today, so it was a good day to do it) and get the bed made and my laundry put away. I am able to intersperse a bit of housework in between all my work crochet.

I also got all my design files backed up onto CD. The one thing that worries me is losing all my notes and designs. So John gave me one of his CDs so I could back all my files up onto it. The ultimate thing will be once John gets a backup for our server ’cause then I can toss it all on there (offline storage, no chance of hackers getting to it). But in the meantime, the important files and pictures and such are all on a CD now.

Well, I need to get this sample done. I’d like to be able to end “work” around 5:30 or so and try to finish the sock I’ve been working on. At some point I need to get the swatches caught up, but for right now, this takes the priority spot. 🙂 Have a good day!