Project updates

I’m going to try to do this every week, so I can see where I am realistically. It will be in a bit of code, so to all my readers, sorry. 🙂 The numbers refer to the project numbers in my spreadsheet.

#107: I need to pull that one back out and finish it. Likely self-publish and so it should be quick and easy to finish.

#108: I need to make another one out of my notes. They’re difficult to read (should have typed it up right after I made it) so I need to redo. This would be why I now type the pattern as I go here on the laptop.

#109: I may go up a hook size on the 2nd prototype. Or I may just measure the first prototype, check the pattern, and go ahead and publish.

#110: This needs to be pulled out and figure out where the issue is on the pattern. The first prototype didn’t make me happy. So now it’s time to play with it and make it work.

#111: Long term project, but I need to get more yarn and figure out where I am on this. This could be VERY lucrative if it works like is in my head.

#112: While out tomorrow get an envelope for returning swatch to me and mail this out already!

#119: Need to hunt through the studio again and see what I did with the notes from this pattern. If I threw it out in a fit of stupidity I will be very very unhappy.

#124: This actually takes priority after #112. I need to finish tweaking this pattern and get it ready to go. It’s for a lesson I’m teaching so I need to get it going.

Yeah, I know, I skipped some numbers. Things go on the spreadsheet as I come up with ideas. So a lot of things are still in “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I…” stage. The numbers above are things that are currently highlighted as “Pay attention and focus” items. I’d like to change those colors to published in the next 2 weeks.

I also need to figure out a purse for my niece. I wanted to come up with my own design for it, but I may just have to go with something prepublished to get it done in time. We’ll see.

That’s all from here. Tomorrow I’ll be out to get my taxes done. Here’s hoping for a good refund (I know I’m getting some back with just my old job’s W-2) so I can get some things taken care of. 🙂