Working on the weekend

You know, with all the work I did on SSP#1 as we got down to the wire, you’d think I’d take a few days off. You’d think that, wouldn’t you?

I thought that. I thought about it for about 20 minutes.

Friday I was going to take a day off. What did I do? Finish a submission swatch to send out later this week. I need to block it, write up a proposal, tweak the pattern, and then get it ready to go (deadline’s a ways away yet).

Saturday I got up and worked on a class sample, taught a group of 6 8-11 year old girls, came home, finalized the adoption of Midnight, and then started on another design.

What have I done today? Besides nursing a migraine, I’ve been working on the same design. This one will be hitting Ravelry and here probably Monday, maybe Tuesday at this rate (due to migraine). The pattern is written and one variation has been tested, and I’m currently crocheting the other version. I should be finished by tomorrow so I can get pics, load them into the pattern, and then convert to PDF and upload away. 🙂

You’d think I’d have used this time to crochet for me. Eh, in the long run this will be for me. Sure, the design I’ve been working on this weekend is going to be offered for free, but I know that the more I get my name out there and my patterns recognized as pretty decent, then the greater the chance that people will want to buy my other patterns as I put them up. I do have 3-4 designs that will go up on for purchase download. I will start working on those this week, too.

Having a spreadsheet is the biggest help. It’s nothing fancy, just a few columns. I’ll even fill you in on what they are (since I have a few designers who read here).

Column 1: ID number (for invoicing and organization purposes)
Column 2: Project Name
Column 3: Type of project
Column 4: Status (done, in progress, swatch, idea, with a tester, etc)
Column 5: Finished (yes/no….and this is for the final product)
Column 6: Written (yes/no/notes…..where I am on the actual pattern)
Column 7: Free? (yes/no….this helps in my planning stages if I know ahead of time if I’m going to offer it for free)
Column 8: Lulu? (yes/no….again, same reasoning as 7)
Column 9: Submitted? (yes/no/to be…lets me know where I am on that)
Column 10: Where? (for the submitted part…this also includes uploading to Ravelry)
Column 11: When? (especially important for magazine and book submissions)
Column 12: Final sent? (again, mostly for submissions)
Column 13: When?
Column 14: Amt. Paid (this is helpful to keep track of what I set my revenue at for Lulu and what fees I’ve been promised for submissions).

Right now any time I have an idea, I log it in the spreadsheet and list it as just an idea. Then I open a document and make my notes for it in there. Completed items have their own folders on the computer (contains notes, proposals, patterns, pdf’s, etc).

I’m scaring myself I’m so freaking organized. Now I just need that to move to my studio and I’ll be in good shape. I think over the next few weeks as I work through some of these other design ideas, I’ll end up putting things where they need to go.

Anyway, now I need to bug John about figuring something out for dinner and then I’ll likely get back to work on this design. 🙂 Keep an eye out, I’ll post here when it’s uploaded.

And now I’ll leave you with a non-crochet pic. It’s from our adoption yesterday.