It’ll be another day or two…..

I thought I would have all this time to post today, but I’m sick. Not that I didn’t expect it. You don’t go on a 125+ mile motorcycle ride in temps ranging from 62-74 and then the next day sit outside in 68 degree weather for 4 hours and NOT get sick. Oh well, meds are on board and I’m about to go lay down (the only reason I’m up this early was because we met John’s old boss and his wife for breakfast before they flew back to Virginia).

But, I did want to post 2 links.

First, the Crochet Liberation Front Headquarters Blog. 🙂 Yes, I’m a proud member of the CLF.

Second, the CLF Cafe Press shop.

These are here mostly for my own info. And to pass on to others.

Okay, off to bed.