Changed my mind

Little Bro’s blanket for Christmas was going to be the cabled squares throw from an issue of Crochet Today. Then reality hit.

I had 1 square sorta done and 29 more to go. And it’s less than a month to get this done. Add to that I didn’t like how my edging looked (I was doing the edgings of the squares in a different color and it looked horrid).

So, that was frogged and new plan is in place.

I turned to my trusty stitch guides and found an open work ripple that I liked. I grabbed a J hook and got to chaining. 20 minutes later and I’m halfway through with row 3. So this should go a bit easier and there’s no joining later.

Tonight I worked on the throw for Jose and Beatrice and I’m almost done. I need to buy one more skein of yarn to make it a smidge longer, but I may do that tomorrow or Friday. But I’m close to being done on that.

The other benefit of Little Bro’s new afghan? The pattern is easy to memorize and I won’t be trying to check a pattern to make sure I’m doing the cables right.

I’ll still likely do that afghan ’cause I like the way it looks. But not for Christmas. I just don’t have time and I already have one project that I’m going to be against the wall on, I don’t need a repeat of the Year of the Christmas Afghans (it wasn’t pretty…it involved being up until 3am on Christmas Eve crocheting blankets and getting back up at 5 to start again).

Pics later in the day.

Oh, and why am I posting at 2am? It’s time to reset the internal clock (happens once every couple of months) so I’m just staying up tonight.