An update of sorts

Been busy working on SSP#1 today so not much time to post. I’m hoping to get to a point that I can post an extreme closeup of it soon.

I am now over 50% done with Jose and Beatrice’s throw for Christmas. I’m hoping to get it done this week. I should be able to with little trouble. It’s going fast. I’m thinking about making another one in a similar yarn and submitting it. It’s a quick and easy pattern but it looks a lot more complicated. 🙂

I arranged for a class for in January. I’m excited about it since it’s on a technique I haven’t done a lot. Should be fun.

I need to get with DJ and set up her 2nd class. She’s been so busy between work and family and the holiday so hopefully we can squeeze something in this week or next.

I washed my sweater today and it turned out even softer. 🙂 I’m hoping the weather reports are right and it’ll be cool enough to wear it out this Wednesday night.

Yesterday John and I went to Borders so I could use my gift card. I was sad, they didn’t have Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan. That’s the one I really wanted. 🙁 I did end up getting a book, though. I got Crochet in No Time by Melody Griffiths. It had a lot of patterns I could see myself making so it won the coin toss.

Okay, back to work for a bit. I want to get a few more rows done before John gets home from work.