Cabled sweater is done with the main crocheting. It’s also been steam blocked (per Lily Chin’s advice in class) and is drying. It’s hanging so that it can finish blocking out. I forsee the sewing of the seams to take place tonight.

Here’s what it looks like so far. Yeah, the pics aren’t great, but I feel like I need to make up for the lack of pictures this week:

Front and Back (already connected at the shoulders because I did a SC seam):


Now I just wish it was going to be cold enough tomorrow so I could wear it for Thanksgiving. But it won’t be. 🙁 In fact, the high is supposed to be 82. Boo. Oh well. If I go casual to Candlelight Processional at Disney, I’ll wear this with some black pants or something.

Okay, I may go work on a blanket or something while I wait for these to dry.

Not a lot today

I had some running around to do today and the past two days I’ve felt rather tired, so not much has gotten done. 🙁

However, I am 11 rows from finishing the cabled sweater and then I just have to seam and do edgings. Goal is to get off the computer and get that done.

Just got word today that if I want a permanent vendor booth spot at the coffee house I can have it. 🙂 30% of sales goes to them and I have to come by and help out now and then. Not a bad gig at all. Especially since I love this coffee house and it’s a win win to me: I can help support them and I can sell stuff. 🙂 Yay!

I have a part time cool job lined up for the end of the year. That makes me happy. It won’t be a lot coming in, but the job is cool and it’s something steady.

I need to decide what to take with me tomorrow to my parents’ house. While most of the day will be spent laying a new laminate wood floor in the living room, I’m sure there will be time to crochet. It will keep me calm and keep me from saying stupid stuff to my mom. 🙂 I may take Jose and Beatrice’s throw to work on since I don’t need a pattern for it (I wrote the pattern for it and it’s an easy repeat). I should work on my little brother’s afghan, but that’s kind of hard to work on in front of him. 🙂

Friday John will be at work and so I’m going to go ahead and use it as a work day, too. I wish that it would get cooler (it’s back up in the 80s here) so I could sit outside and work. I also wish the Panera would open up down the street ’cause I’d so be there to sit and work, too. I think that’s a lot of it. It’s hard for me to focus here and work. Oh well, the coffee house is talking about opening mid day during the week. Maybe I’ll just suck it up and drive into Tampa to sit and work. They have free wi-fi, too, so that helps.

Okay, I want to knock this sleeve out of the sweater before John gets home from work. Later….

Happy Turkey Day, all!

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