PSA: Don’t crochet when sick

Or if you do, don’t do something that has instructions such as “Dec 1 stitch every row for 4 rows, then every 2 rows 8 times”. Yeah, I just ripped back 5 rows ’cause I can’t get it to match the other side. I’m not happy right now. It also doesn’t help that it is done a bit backwards from the side I just did (yep, on the right front of the sweater).

I’m feverish feeling and just generally out of it. I want to crochet but I need something I can’t screw up.

It’s almost bedtime, otherwise I’d start a hat out of the silk and wool I just got. I’m still not sure what I’m going to use the Debbie Mumm for.

Tomorrow I need to take a picture of the new tote Jose and Beatrice brought me, too. I like it.

Craft booths and birthday shopping

I had a vendor booth yesterday at the local coffee shop. It went okay. There was a good crowd and it was a free spot. Basically I paid them 15% of my sales (which to me was a totally fair way to do it). I sold a couple of items and had a couple of people pick up my cards, so it was all good. Want to see what my little itty bitty space looked like? Sure you do. Here it is:

I basically did a “trunk sale” type of booth. I cleared out a lot of stuff I had that I had made and either didn’t need around anymore or thought someone of college age and a little older might want. 🙂 I’ll probably do another booth with them. Karen, the owner of the coffee house, is an awesome lady and very supportive of the arts.

Anyway, today, in the midst of feeling like ick, John and I went out to burn up the gift cards I’ve gotten for my birthday. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got some bath salts and an eye mask. Then we went to JoAnn’s. 🙂 His dad and Beatrice and “all the animals” got me a very nice gift card amount from there. 🙂 Here’s my full haul:

I got 4 skeins of the Debbie Mumm Traditions in the Pine Needle colorway:

2 skeins of Moda Dea Silk ‘n’ Wool in Plum:

3 new Clover soft touch hooks (you know you use your Clover I hook too much when you’ve rubbed the printing off it), a “knitting thimble” to help keep me from cutting into my finger with the rougher yarns, 2 tins of buttons, and 3 mini dry erase markers (I use these to sketch on the glass shower wall while I’m taking a bath):

Oh, and I got the Vogue Stitchonary Volume 4 for Crochet. Great book! Love it!

Now we’re home and I’m going to relax and work on my sweater. 🙂 I need to get it done by Wednesday night so it has time to block before I go to Kerry’s on Thursday. The current plan is to put it together after I take the class with Lily Chin on Friday. That way I can use any tricks and tips I learn there in assembling and finishing the sweater so I can hopefully wear it on Saturday.

And yeah, I still feel like ick.

ETA (6:41pm): Yeah, the working on the sweater? So hasn’t happened yet since I just woke up from what was supposed to be “let me lay down for a bit ’cause I don’t feel good.” Dinner is in the oven and maybe now I can work on it.

It’ll be another day or two…..

I thought I would have all this time to post today, but I’m sick. Not that I didn’t expect it. You don’t go on a 125+ mile motorcycle ride in temps ranging from 62-74 and then the next day sit outside in 68 degree weather for 4 hours and NOT get sick. Oh well, meds are on board and I’m about to go lay down (the only reason I’m up this early was because we met John’s old boss and his wife for breakfast before they flew back to Virginia).

But, I did want to post 2 links.

First, the Crochet Liberation Front Headquarters Blog. 🙂 Yes, I’m a proud member of the CLF.

Second, the CLF Cafe Press shop.

These are here mostly for my own info. And to pass on to others.

Okay, off to bed.

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