Why I went pink

Today is October 1st and the start of Breast Cancer Awareness and the Pink for October campaign. So why did I go pink?

My life, along with many others, has been touched by cancer. I really think these days we all know someone in our family or our close circle whose life has been impacted. It’s just too prevalent.

When I was 16, my mom was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer that was so bad that at the time they caught it, the cancer had already destroyed her ovaries and uterus, had traveled through a 2″ section of her colon, and had punctured her stomach. It was actually the stomach puncture that led to her going to the ER because she had been throwing up the entire night before. She’d been sick for a while, and I remember telling my “sister” Kelli that I thought it might be cancer because she looked like she was 6 months pregnant. Her doctors were really awesome and got it all out in a 4 hour surgery, 6 months of heavy duty chemo, and a 2nd recheck surgery. The time was very difficult for our family, mostly for me, but that’s a post for a different blog.

Fast forward to today and while my mom is cancer free, we’ve also experienced a prostate cancer issue with my Daddy (which still scares me and makes me want to cry) which was successfully taken care of with low-dose radiation. I’ve lost a great-Uncle to testicular cancer, I’ve lost a Grandmother to colon cancer. That’s just my family.

My dear friend Kerry is still fighting her thyroid cancer, and I’ve met many people through this crazy internet who are also fighting various forms of cancer. It touches all of us.

But the main reason I went pink? Because there is a woman who bravely fought breast cancer and unfortunately succumbed. And unfortunately for me, this was before I could meet her. I have learned about how great a woman she was by simply being near her son. This woman was strong and cultured and beautiful. She raised her son to be caring and supportive and loving and a gentleman. She taught him theater and classical music and culture as a whole. She raised him to be a gentle soul and a wonderful partner. There isn’t a day that goes by that I wish that I could have met her to thank her for all she has done in raising this man. I look in his eyes and always see that he misses her and wishes she could be here, too. I only hope that if it’s true that you pick in your partner someone who is like your opposite sex parent that I can live up to being half the woman she was. I went pink in honor and memory of Maria.