It is possible to have too many patterns

That is a picture of my pattern stacks. That is after 2 hours and half of that expandable file has been filled. This is not including the 3 magazine holders full of magazines, a 3″ binder filled with leaflets, another magazine holder half full with leaflets, and an entire bookshelf of books. Eek.

Now, do you see why I need to find some way to organize this mess? The only thing I can think of is to do a spreadsheet with the pattern names and type of pattern (this includes those ones tucked in magazines and books that I like) so I can sort by type and find where it is located. I started one, I just need to get working on it more.

First step, though, is to get them sorted correctly. And I’m almost there. I will have 2 full expandable files when I’m done. Thank goodness I got them as a 2 pack for pretty cheap at Target. I’m hoping to have this part done tonight. That will be a big improvement on the studio. Then I can get the yarn sorted – filling the bins correctly now that I’ve emptied them of the junk. 🙂

Okay, back to the fray. Gotta get this done. 🙂

Oh, and the package has been sent! They should have it in 2 days and then I’ll just be waiting to hear what the decision is. Gah, that’s the worst part! Guess I better just move on to more designs to keep my head busy.